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Dr. M. Umair, has an analytical and research background in production and quality control in plastic industry. His research interests are High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Insulation, Electrical Discharge and Partial Discharge Measurement Techniques. His current research is ... more


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Gold Continues Momentum
The strong inflection point of 1680 is responsible for the bullish reaction in gold and silver.
US Dollar To Produce Wide Ranges
The US dollar hit the resistance last week and consolidating its gains. In the short term, a break above this resistance may unlock some bullish forces.
Gold Behavior After The Bounce
Gold prices formed a bottom at the key inflection point of $1,680 and began to rise towards the $1,800 region.
EUR/JPY At Long Term Symmetrical Triangle
The Japanese yen has been extremely strong in recent months and weeks. The bounce from long-term support in all Japanese yen correlated pairs was simply a normal occurrence.
Gold Bottom At Inflection Point
Last week, gold bottom at the inflection point of 1680, resulting in a strong reversal weekly candle.
Gold Hits The Inflection Point
The pullback in gold and silver has reached the significant inflection point of $1,680. A break here would result in a free fall in gold.
E US Dollar Forecast And Correlated Pairs
Discussing the US dollar forecast and its effect on correlated major pairs for the coming years. The outlook for the US dollar is bearish, and it is likely that its value will fall.
Japanese Yen At The Inflection
For the past three months, Japanese yen pairs have been trading at an inflection point.
E Gold Prices Extend Gains As Treasury Yields Decline
10 year Treasury yield has fallen sharply and gold prices breaks above 1800. The decline in US Treasury Yield aids the bearish outlook of US dollar Index and support gold prices.
E Thoughts About Gold Recent Sell-Off
A gold sell-off from 1920s was forecasted, the price drop from 1900 to 1760 in just six days terrified the gold market. The latest price decrease appears to be a bear trap and it doesn't change the long-term view until the inflection point holds.
E Can Gold Prices Reach As High As $2,300 In 2021?
Gold prices are forming a 40-year strongly bullish technical chart pattern, indicating that it could reach the $2300 region in 2021.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts