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Uranium Market Primed For Growth
The world’s largest uranium mine, Cigar Lake, is closed, and the world’s largest uranium producer, Kazatomprom, pledged to extend its 20% production cuts through 2022, shifting the market dynamics to support higher prices
International Report: Q4 2020
Throughout 2020, each countries’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in their equity returns. Results from the fourth quarter only further reflect how unevenly markets were affected globally.
Global X 2021 Outlook
Adequate vaccine distribution and stimulus could lead to a robust recovery in the second half of 2021, drive corporate profits closer to 2019 levels, and generate strong equity returns.
The Next Big Theme: December 2020
Election Day resulted in statewide approval of legalizing the use and distribution of cannabis for both medical and personal usage by adults. The consensus was overwhelmingly unanimous among a range of political affiliations.
MLP Monthly Report: October 2020
Midstream MLPs decreased 13.59% last month. The current yield on MLPs is 17.71%.
China Sector Report: Q3 2020
COVID-19 continues to reshape the global economic outlook with performance across global markets, including major economies like the US and China.
MLP Monthly Report: September 2020
Offering insights on MLP industry news, the asset class’s performance, yields, valuations, and fundamental drivers.
E-Commerce: Entering The Next Wave Of Growth
Despite decades of growth, we believe e-commerce still has ample opportunities to expand, and 2020 is giving us a glimpse of that growth potential.
China Sector Report Q2 2020
With the exception of the Energy sector, all of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sectors in China generated positive returns in Q2 2020. This is in stark contrast to Q1, when all 11 sectors had negative returns.
MLP Insights: Q2 2020
Despite contentious meetings to start 2020, OPEC+ came together on April 12th to implement a historic 9.7 million barrel a day (bp/d) cut.7 This was the largest oil production cut ever, eliminating about 10% of global supply.
The Next Big Theme: July 2020
Recent sales numbers illustrate how e-commerce is made for the stay-at-home economy. May sales were up 92.7% YoY in the U.S. For May and June, consumers spent more than $53 billion online, totaling 22% of all U.S. retail sales for that period.
Can Lithium Keep Up With The EV Boom?
Battery technology was generally too expensive for the mass market, and not advanced enough to power long-distance drives. Today, EVs are closing the gap to become cost-performance-competitive with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.
Thematic Disruption Accelerates & Expands Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Long term structural trends, by definition, take time. The development and adoption of new technologies, the changes in deeply-ingrained consumer behaviors, or the materialization of demographic shifts don’t happen overnight.
How The Cannabis Industry Is Coping In 2020
Amid widespread COVID-19-related retail store closures, many cannabis dispensaries received ‘essential business’ designations.
MLP Monthly Report: April 2020
Midstream MLPs, as measured by the Solactive MLP Infrastructure Index, fell by 47.94% last month. The index is down by 61.75% since last March.
How Cybersecurity Will Accelerate IoT’s Growth
As the Internet of Things (IoT) brings millions of devices online, it creates vast opportunities for individuals and corporations, but it also introduces new types of risks and vulnerabilities.
1 to 16 of 74 Posts
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