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My name is Gina Young and I’m the creator of Money Savvy Living. It is my intention to provide ideas that will enable you to save money and live the good life on a budget. You can check out more of my writings on Personal ...more


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11 Financial Habits Of Successful People
Success doesn’t just happen. You have to have a plan in place and work toward it. 
Clever Ways To Use Your Tax Refund To Improve Your Credit Score
Here are some clever ways to use your tax refund to improve your credit score.
5 Smart Things To Do With Your Tax Refund This Year
It’s that time of year again—tax time. So what is the best use the money that you get back?
How To Get Your Credit Score Above 800 And Keep It There
With so many aspects of your life dependent upon a good credit score, it is important to learn how to get your credit score above 800 and keep it there.
How To Break The Debt Cycle And Get Out Of Debt For Good
You worked hard to pay down your debt. You did everything right to stick to a budget and tackle your bills. Now that you are debt-free, you don’t want to slip back into old habits and wrack up the debt again.
When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A New Car?
Fall is a great time of year to go new car shopping and the time of year that you are most likely to get a good deal. Here's why along with more great tips for buying a new vehicle...
How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Travel This Fall
There is a lull in travel this time of year, and that lull means lower prices. But before you pack your bags, you may want to consider some of the other factors, such as your credit score, that can affect your travel this fall.
How To Know If Refinancing Your Mortgage Is A Good Deal Or Not
Have you ever received an offer to refinance your mortgage? Well, before you sign the paperwork on this, you need to read the fine print.
7 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Filing Your Taxes
If you are one of the many tax procrastinators out there, you are probably finding yourself up against the rapidly-approaching deadline of April 15. If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you still have plenty of time to get them done.
What Is A Return Of Premium Life Insurance Policy? And Why You Should Consider Getting One
What is a return of premium life insurance policy? And what are the benefits of getting one?
3 Ways To Creatively Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
When you think of investments, you probably think of putting money in a specific stock or mutual fund.
Brexit And The Economy: Effect On The U.S. Job Market
The US, even before the Brexit vote, was the top destination for UK residents outside the UK and is also highly desirable globally. What will the effect be on U.S. job market now?
Retirement Planning: Are You A Saver Or Spender?
It is hard to turn on the news and not hear about the sluggish state of the economy. So when we hear these things, we need to take a moment and actually look ahead to what those long-term effects could mean for your personal financial future.
10 Steps To Make College Affordable And Graduate Debt-Free
Did you know that there are ways to go to college for free, or at least drastically reduce the amount that you would have to pay? Here are 10 steps to make college affordable and graduate debt free.
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