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Giles Coghlan is the Chief Currency Analyst at HYCM – an established global forex and CFD broker and part of the Henyep Capital Markets Group. With over 10 years’ experience in trading, Giles regularly conducts HYCM webinars, seminars, ... more

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E 2020 Will Be A Record-setting Year For Gold
We know that gold is a safe haven asset. As a commodity in constant demand, it is able to hold its value well in times of market volatility.
E COVID-19 Should Be A Cause For Concern, Not Panic
Wealth managers often consider analogous situations to help predict what a new event might mean for the market. Comparing the current outbreak of COVID-19 to similar virus outbreaks offers some useful insight.
E Coronavirus And Brexit – The Key Events Investors Cannot Afford To Overlook In 2020
Major events are likely to affect your financial portfolio. That’s why there is a need to understand both what is happening in the world, and how these global events are likely to impact the price of different assets.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts