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How Does GDP Affect Forex?
GDP informs us if the economy is increasing by generating more goods and services or shrinking by producing less output compared to previous periods.
Defining Trends With Naked Charts And Making Trade Analysis Simple
Have you ever encountered a situation where the price moves in one direction? Do you think you are making some cool pips? The price is moving in one direction because it is following a trend.
What You Should Know About The Swiss Franc In 2021
The true devastation of the pandemic and the effect of CHF rates will not be clear until more time has passed. But it's a solid currency, and the country has a fiscal surplus, low indebtedness, healthy wages, and a GDP that is very high per capita. 
Weekly Trade Idea On NZD/USD
NZD/USD for the coming week: Key levels and trade opportunities.
How The Results Of This US Election May Affect The US Dollar
One thing that all investors will agree with is that markets don’t react well to uncertainty. On a national level, elections bring uncertainty, unless you can be sure of the result.
What You Should Know About The Canadian Dollar
Although the Canadian economy according to GDP is only the 10th largest in the world, the Canadian Dollar ("Loonie") is the 6th most held reserve currency. Just 8 currencies make up 80% of all trades in the forex market and the CAD is one of them.
Awesome Long-Term Reversal Trade On EUR/GBP
It is a wise decision to close a buy position when the EUR/GBP price reaches significant resistance.
Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading – Which One Should You Be Trading?
We will help you to decide which of the markets is more suitable for you as a trader.
Five Powerful Reversal Patterns Every Trader Must Know
Five powerful and reliable reversal patterns in the forex market.
BTC/USD – Long Term Price Action Analysis
The BTC/USD price is bearish and tends to reach the next fresh demand which is 4200.00 zones.
A Deep Dive Into The Dow Jones Industrial Average
The Dow is comprised of 30 large American companies and the value is determined by the cumulative price of one share from each of the 30 entities combined.
XAU/USD: A Double Top Indicates The Buyers Are Losing Power
In the long term, the XAU/USD is bullish but now performed a double top.
BTC/USD: Trading Inside A Triangle Pattern In Daily Chart
A triangle pattern is a specific pattern formed on the price chart.
EUR/USD Jumps While USA China Trade War Warms Up
The last day in the past week for EUR/USD ended as a bullish outside bar candlestick pattern. The EUR/USD price jumped up and created a big green daily candle which engulfed the previous five days, as a result of trade war escalation.
Looking At The Russell 2000 Index
As of 2012, the iShares Russell 2000 index maintained itself as the second most traded exchange-traded fund in the world.
A Deep Dive Into The S&P 500 Sectors
What is the S&P 500, how exactly does it work, and how can you apply it to Forex?
1 to 16 of 26 Posts
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