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Born in Hungary in 1949 to Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust and horrors of WWII, George Friedman witnessed a devastated Europe. In an effort to escape communism, his family fled to a refugee camp in Austria before immigrating to the United States. Determined to discover those principles ...more

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Global Macro Update: Shinzo Abe And The Future Of Japan
An interview by Mauldin Economics in which we discuss the death of Shinzo Abe and the repercussions for Japan.
The Far Reaches Of US Soft Power
The Russian ruble, Turkish lira, and Iranian rial are all falling in value.
The Limits Of China’s Economic Power
The countries of East Asia are worried about the coercive power of Beijing’s pocketbook. And perhaps they should be. China is flush with money and it’s only a matter of time before Beijing tries to cash in.
The Saudi-Qatar Diplomatic Dispute, Six Months Later
Six months ago, the Gulf Cooperation Council, helmed as always by its de facto leader Saudi Arabia, severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. This move was apparently meant to punish the country for its supposed support of terrorism.
Is "Geopolitical Risk" Behind Rising Oil Prices?
Toward the end of October, Brent crude prices crossed $60 per barrel for the first time in two years. They continued their ascent, peaking at around $64.
Why The Next US Recession Could Be Worse Than The Last
For the past 40 years in the US, the rich have been getting richer, the poor have been getting poorer, and the middle class has been disappearing.
In China, More Regulation Does Not Mean More Enforcement
China understands that its financial system is at risk. Between the central bank governor’s letter, Xi’s speeches, and the constant creation of new regulations and committees, Beijing is making no effort to hide it.
The Catalan Revolt Of 2017
Even as Spain’s economy grew after 1978, Catalonia remained significantly richer than the rest of the country. Today, the region’s gross domestic product accounts for 20% of Spain’s GDP, and its GDP per capita is higher than the EU-27 average.
Playing The Part In NAFTA Negotiations
As the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations comes to an end, the agreement’s survival has once again been brought into question. US President Donald Trump has threatened to strike a new deal with just Canada.
One Way Russia Can Retaliate Against US Sanctions
Energy sales are an important source of revenue, of course, but for Russia they are more than that: They are an instrument of geopolitical power.
Geopolitical Risk, Business, And Investment
The free market requires the rule of law. The rule of law is the recognition of the right to property—and the ability and willingness to enforce that right.
US Oil Production Makes Waves
There’s no end in sight to slumping oil prices—good news for consumers but a dire development for major oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia. And now, rising US oil production and exports are contributing to the slump.
Major Choke Points In The Persian Gulf And East Asia
The flow of international trade has always been subject to geopolitical risk and conflicts. At all stages of the supply chain, trade inherently faces challenges posed by the geopolitical realities along a given route.
Trump And Xi Take Center Stage
Xi and Trump’s meeting at Mar-a-Lago will be a useful barometer in determining how US-China relations will develop over the year.
Productivity, Microchips, And War
Classical economics argues that as capitalism matures, competition causes both wages and profits to decline.
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