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Geektime (formerly known as Newsgeek) is Israel’s largest technology news blog. Since March of 2009, Geektime has ensnared the startup and technology communities by providing them with their daily fix of news, updates, and articles on various topics in technology; quickly becoming a ... more


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Apple Watch Review: Is It Worth The High Price Tag?
We’ve got the skinny on the newest addition to the Apple family, and we’re going to tell you just how near (or far) the Apple Watch falls from the rest of the tree.
5 Startups That Are Helping Children With Autism
One in 68 kids is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Here are five companies that want to help kids overcome these challenges and reach their potential
Startups, Wanna Work With Brands? 5 Insights You Need To Know
After helping dozens of startups connect to brands, I’ve gathered some insights that could help you create breakthrough partnerships.
Rocket Internet’s Foodpanda Raises US$110M In Fresh Funding
Now active in 40 countries, Foodpanda is expanding rapidly, especially in southeast Asian market. In order to attract a bigger user base, the company has integrated its service into WeChat last year.
What Does The Apple Watch Mean For Israeli Entrepreneurs?
Personally, I am a big believer in the watch, and I think it will catch on. Assuming this is true, what does it mean for entrepreneurs in general, and Israel more specifically?
How Freelancers Can Plan For Retirement
It doesn’t matter what plan you decide to go with – what matters is that you start saving. Here are a few ways that freelancers can plan for retirement.
Are You Checking Your 401(k) Fees? FeeX Will Do It For You!
A Geek Award winner and one of Fast Company’s 10 most innovative companies in personal finance, FeeX is not only successful, it also provides something refreshingly useful: it checks your financial account fees.
Israel’s Yallo Raises $4 Million To Disrupt The Phone Call As We Know It
Millennials are abandoning the phone call in droves in favor of text messages. Yallo thinks it can bring them back with a lot of bells and whistles.
Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Event
Apple Watch, new Macbook and Researchkit – all things to look out for from Apple in the coming months.
7 Tips For Raising Startup Seed Capital Outside Of Silicon Valley
The following seven pieces may apply to anybody that plans on raising capital, but are especially useful to those raising capital outside of Silicon Valley.
EC The Pain Point Nobody Talks About: Massive Job Loss May Be Just Around The Corner
You’ve heard the predictions that robots are coming after your job. But when one of the world’s big banks says it, it’s time to pay attention.
Yello Mobile Acquires Indonesia’s Adplus
The adtech market in Indonesia is one of the fastest growing in the Asia Pacific region, having seen a growth rate of more than 70 percent in the year 2013.
Report: Large-scale Layoffs At Tesla China
According to the Economic Observer, Tesla China has about 600 employees, and it plans to cut around 30 percent of them (or around 180 people).
The Democratization Of Venture Capital
The time has come to lower the barriers of entry in Europe for affluent private investors and democratize venture capital, particularly since interests rates are lower than ever.
Solar Power Marketplace Gets $2M In Funding To Help More People Go Green
IACC’s marketplace, Green Energy Navi, purports to be the largest of its kind in Japan.
PayPal Acquires Israeli Cyber Security Startup CyActive
CyActive is one of the very few cyber security outfits on the market that can prevent cyber threats, not just identify and alleviate them. The deal is between $60-$80 million.
1 to 16 of 219 Posts
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