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Gavin has a Masters in Applied Finance and Investment. He specializes in income trading using options, is very conservative in his style and believes patience in waiting for the best setups is the key to successful trading. He likes to focus on short volatility strategies.

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Twitter Trade Idea
If the market tanks any time in the next few months, then TWTR is likely to tank along with it.
Where To Invest For The Next 10 Years
The European Union and Japan are currently facing a challenging situation. A big portion of the population is older than 65 years old and, in Japan specifically, a significant number of people are also moving towards that stage of their lives.
Must Watch Charts For Monday, November 18
The bulls are well and truly in control, but some warning signs are beginning to show. Things can change quickly so stay nimble and always manage risk.
Is TWTR Worth A Look For Contrarians?
The company reported a total of $824 million in Net Revenues during Q3 2019 comprised of $121 million in data licensing and other services, and $702 million in revenues from advertising.
Nike Pulls Back Towards Confluence Of Support
Nike has been a strong performer with the stock up over 22% this year.
Two Stocks Making Big Moves Today
Two stocks made massive moves today, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. TSLA blew away earnings estimates and popped 17.67% while Twitter slumped nearly 20%.
An Overview Of Cryptocurrency Investment
Originally designed to spar with ordinary currency, and potentially replace it, cryptocurrency has since become more of a commodity – which is to say it’s seen now largely as something to buy with the hopes of profiting.
Two Iron Condor Trade Examples – HD And TLT
Elevated volatility means a good time to sell options if we think the ETF is going to settle down a bit and trade in a range.
Why I Prefer Long-Term Iron Condors
Long-term condors move very slowly in comparison to their short term counterparts so they have proven perfect for timezone constraints.
Apple Iron Condor Example – Legging In To A Long-Term Condor
As part of Iron Condor month, I wanted to share a recent and ongoing iron condor trade on Apple
Do Options Lose Value Over The Weekend?
When beginner traders first learn about time decay, they almost immediately think: “Why don’t I sell options on Friday, pick up the time decay over the weekend, then buy them back on Monday”. But in real life things are not always this simple.
E EXPE Offers 14.94% Return With 18.46% Margin For Error
Bear Call Spreads come in to play. The spread I’m looking at is the November $160-$165 spread which was trading around $0.65 on Friday. That represents a 14.94% return on risk over the next 3 and a half months with an 18.46% margin for error.
WMT Trade Idea For September
Walmart is currently the most overbought Dow stock with a daily RSI reading of 82.62. It’s hard to argue with that strength, but after a 1-month, unrelenting up move, I think it’s time for a pause via some sideways consolidation.
Worst Performing Dow Stock On The Road To Recovery?
Walgreens stock is down 20% this year and around 50% down from the 2015 high. After 4 straight years of declines, perhaps the stock is due for a rebound. Carter Worth, the chief technician at Cornestone Macro thinks so.
6 Price Action Tips You Can Learn In 6 Minutes
There are many ways to analyze price action, the key is to focus on a few key methods and know how to apply them effectively. So today, you’ll learn 6 of my favorite price action trading tips and how to implement them in your trading.
These Are The Things Keeping Me Up At Night
If the economy is so great, why are yields tanking?
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