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Gary A. Gordon, MS, CFP® is the president of Pacific Park Financial, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC. He has more than 28 years of experience as a personal coach in “money matters,” including risk ... more


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Large U.S. Stocks May Be Underestimating The Worldwide Manufacturing Recession
Global manufacturing data have been exceedingly grim. One would be hard-pressed to find a country in Europe, Asia or North America that is exporting products with little difficulty.
This Is Your Market. This Is Your Market On Drugs. Any Questions?
If the Fed’s monetary policy prescriptions falter the way that they have abroad, then you might want to have a bit more cash on hand than usual. You cannot buy the big bad dippers without the “dry powder” to do so.
The Stock Market Bear That Began 19 Months Ago
Mainstream pundits have been telling stock investors throughout 2019 that it does not matter if long-maturity Treasury bonds yield less than short-maturity Treasury bonds.
Riskier Assets Are Looking To Get Their ‘Fix’
When the rest of the world is aggressively easing, and Fed Chairman Powell talks about a ‘mid-cycle adjustment,’ you’re going to get a fair amount of volatility.
Here Comes The Fun (And The Fed Says, “It’s Alright”)
With the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield dropping from 3.2% down to the 2.0% level, and with the 10-year dropping below and staying below the Fed Funds rate, and with more and more bond yields turning negative worldwide, the Fed is playing catch up.
How Will You Keep The Stock Wealth That You Created?
Bond yields have been collapsing clear across the world. And if history is any guide, the rapid decline is a function of undeniable economic weakness.
The Last Ones To Add More Stock Risk Will Have Rotten Nest Eggs
U.S. large company stocks may be celebrating the anticipation of rate cuts. After all, the S&P 500 has been toying with record highs. Yet a broader view demonstrates that the asset class is struggling more than advertised.
Stock Market Rally: You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy
According to Jay Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy is performing well. It is difficult to take the assessment seriously.
July Rate Cut? Wait For The Fed’s Complete Capitulation To Get Aggressive
Financial markets now anticipate that the Federal Reserve will begin ratcheting down rates from the 2.25%-2.50% range in July.
Buy The Dip In Long-Term Treasury Bonds To Hedge Stocks?
Investors anticipate that the Federal Reserve will need to slash its overnight lending rate in attempts to stimulate economic activity. Indeed, they have decided that the U.S. economy and the global economy are slowing considerably.
What The Bond Market And Real Estate Market Are Telling Investors
Trade wars. Tariffs. Trump. One might think that the “Ts” are solely responsible for financial market volatility. In truth, a wider variety of cross-currents are at work. Some have been bubbling up for a number of years.
Here’s What Will Cause The Next Recession (Part 2)
Each of the last three recessions contained elements of extraordinary financial instability. For example, Savings & Loan (S&L) institutions used federally insured deposits to make reckless real estate loans in the 1980s.
Here’s What Will Cause The Next Recession
Financial professionals frequently opine that asset prices are a function of economic conditions. Assets like stocks, bonds and real estate rise in value when the economy is expanding.
All-Time Stock Highs: Why Modest Risk-Renting Will Outshine Extreme Risk-Taking
There has been a great deal of media hype surrounding new all-time highs in the U.S. stock market. For that matter, there has been a fair amount of puffery when it comes to how well stocks are performing overall.
The Attractiveness Of A Defensive Stock Strategy
In January of 2018, the U.S. economy surprised to the upside at nearly every turn. Since that time, however, the fundamentals have slowly deteriorated.
Why Do Bond Investors Doubt The Stock Market Recovery?
Longer-term Treasury bond yields continue to slide below shorter-term maturities. Bond investors are gobbling up long-term government debt because they believe that the economy will slow dramatically.
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