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A recognized self-starter with a ferocious entrepreneurial spirit, I have more than ten years of progressive leadership experience in online and print editorial operations; macroeconomic research; financial, energy, and political copy writing; market and competitive intelligence; international ...more


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Speaking Of Cars ...
The repo men are coming with U.S. consumer credit challenges ahead. Auto dealers are starting to face a severe buyers market - and massive levels of oversupply. And interest rates are not going down anytime soon.
Republic Risk: Low Volume, Maximum Cool
What would happen if we saw a significant downturn in these major stocks?
Holy Inflation... And The Week Ahead
Today, I had that same feeling my grandmother held whenever she discussed inflation over her lifetime. She was born five years before the Fed’s foundation. And since 1913, this is the result.
"Undependable" Collateral And The Cost Of Living Crisis
This is a cost of living crisis - and until the Fed and Congress start advocating for supply-side policies to address inflation, expect more of the same.
Will The Fed Bankrupt The Tooth Fairy?
For now, we’re happy to trade in the short term on positive momentum for energy stocks and invest in energy for the long term.
Postcards From The Florida Republic - October 23, 2022
With the mega cap stocks reporting earnings this week, I anticipate even greater volatility, forcing day traders to focus more on intraday movement than daily trends. Meanwhile, Meta's shares have fallen off a cliff.
Postcards From The Florida Republic - Labor Day Edition
In September, seasonality is mixed, goes positive by Quad Witching, and then tanks at the end of the month. Expect the market to be very choppy for a while.
Three Overvalued Tech Stocks To Sell Right Now
Today I'm looking at 3 stocks that represent the extremes of this trend. They all have skyrocketing price-to-sale ratio. Not a single one of these companies is set to meet growth projections for the coming year, and, most are looking at a big crash.
Two Stocks To Sell First Thing This Morning - Zoom Video And Peloton Interactive
Zoom Video Communications Inc. and Peloton Interactive Inc. were two of the rock-star stocks of the bizarre coronavirus pandemic-fueled bull market. Not anymore.
The Best Small-Cap Stock To Buy Right Now Could Hand You A 50% Profit
Like a lot of stocks lately, U.S. Physical Therapy Inc. has been knocked for a loop - it's down something like 23% in the last month.
One Popular Stock To Sell First Thing Today
The shortages most of us saw in the beginning of March 2020, when it was tough to find toilet paper, were just the start of a disruption that continues to this day.
2 Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks For 2021 Pay More Than 10%
The best high-dividend stocks for 2021 have been called. This is an opportunity to collect yields higher than 10%.
The 3 Best Tech Stocks With High Dividends To Buy Now
2020 has been the year of the technology explosion.
3 Best Sports Gambling Stocks To Buy Now
There was one clear winner in Tuesday's election, and I'm not talking about the presidency. Legal sports gambling swept victories everywhere it was on the ballot.
3 Stocks To Buy Now As Markets Get Into Rally Mode
Today I'm giving you three stocks we're buying now because of their solid long-term potential, no matter what we learn about who will be in Washington for the next four years.
The 3 Best Dividend Stocks Pay Over 6% Now
The best dividend stocks can anchor your portfolio during stormy times in the market. But not every high dividend-paying stock is safe or worth owning. 
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