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Director of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology
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Gad Allon is the Jeffrey A. Keswin Professor and Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, and the director of the Management and Technology Program at the university of Pennsylvania.

He received his PhD in Management Science from Columbia Business School in New York and ... more

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Uber, COVID And The Future Of Public-Private Partnerships
As part of its S-1 filing, Uber identifies a "massive market opportunity" in the estimated 4.4 trillion miles traveled by people on public transit in 175 countries. How is Uber planning to use these private-public partnerships?
The Supply Chain Of Kettlebells And Why Nothing Is Going To Change Post COVID-19
I hear a lot about how many things are going to change posts COVID-19, including supply chains (and global supply chains in particular).
Seagate Avoids Thai Flooding, But Suppliers Are In Trouble
Seagate is forecasting difficult times for the drive industry. Each of the hundreds of thousands of drives Seagate’s Thai factories ship every day contain parts from 130 or so suppliers, many still under three feet of water.
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