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Consultant / analyst, blogger in Natural Resources. Covering uranium, potash, lithium, cobalt, gold, cannabis.


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Blue Lagoon Resources, Near-Term Production Opportunity, High-Grade Gold & Silver In B.C.
Blue Lagoon Resources has a top 5% grade gold deposit. It should not be ignored.
First Cobalt Corp., Best Way To Play Irrepressible EV Strength & Growing Cobalt Demand?
In N. America there are very few pure-play cobalt juniors to choose from. Even fewer that are anywhere near positive cash flow. First Cobalt Corp, hopes to be profitable in 2022. 
Sassy Resources; “Lively & Bold…” But Does It Have Gold?
Sassy Resources, newly-listed Golden Triangle. It has a promising project & spectacular mgmt. team, board & advisors. The Company has 29M shares outstanding, & 15M currently free-trading. Initial drill results out by end of August
CloudMD, Cheap Valuation For One Of The Fastest Growing Telemedicine Companies In Canada
Telemedicine is hot, but its not a flash in the pan. It is nothing short of a paradigm shift in healthcare services. Some companies have already been discovered and have seen share prices soar. CloudMD is under-followed and trades cheap to peers.
CEO Interview: Michael Hopley, Azarga Metals
Azarga Metals has a lot of things going on, drilling, metallurgical testing, assays, a new resource estimate, possibly a new PEA... The company is funded well into next year.
First Cobalt & Glencore Actively Advancing First Cobalt's 100%-Owned Cobalt Refinery In Ontario
First Cobalt is partnered with giant miner Glencore to reopen First Cobalt's 100%-owned, permitted, primary cobalt refinery. This is a valuable asset with decades of useful life ahead of it. Cash flows will be split with Glencore for first 5 years.
Vangold Mining - A Silver, Gold Junior Taking Mexico By Storm
Gold > US$1,700/oz. is much better than most analysts and mgmt teams had expected 2-3 years ago. Most PEAs, PFSs & BFSs are done with a base case gold assumption of US$1,250 to US$1,400/oz. Vangold Mining is poised to thrive in this market.
Gaia Grow Corp.: ~1,494 Acres Of Hemp Planted In Canada, First Harvest In ~ 2 Months
Gaia Grow Corp. began trading on August 1st. The company has a C$20 M market cap. It has 1,494 acres of hemp growing in southern Alberta. Harvest expected in about 2 months. If harvest is successful, the company will be off to the races.
CEO Interview: Paul Cowley Of First Vanadium Corp.
First Vanadium (FVANF) has a high-grade project in Nevada with a 303 million lb. Indicated, plus 75 million lb. Inferred resource. The deposit is near-surface an open to expansion. Promising metallurgical work is underway. PEA expected by year end.
CEO Interview: Sam Spring Of Kincora Copper - Cashed Up & Drilling
Kincora Copper is a junior miner with big dreams in Mongolia. The company recently raised C$6M and is cashed up to drill up to 18,000 meters. It's a high-risk exploration play with the possibility of concomitant high reward.
Exclusive CEO Interview, Thomas Ullrich Of Aston Bay Holdings
Aston Bay has at least 3 very high quality team members, and 2 highly prospective projects. Yet its market cap is just C$6.5M = US$5.0M. Its more recently acquired project is a gold play in Virginia, USA that has very high-grade, narrow, intercepts.
Will New Technologies Replace Lithium Brine Solar Evaporation Ponds?
It’s a question of when, not if, cutting-edge technologies will replace the need for large new solar evaporation ponds. These ponds, in operation for decades, reportedly have lithium recovery rates of about 40%-60%, so half of the water evaporates
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. Making Great Moves In Lithium & Cobalt
LiCo Energy Metals is making impressive moves in Cobalt & Lithium in Canada & Chile. The price of Cobalt continues to rise.
Golden Arrow Resources - Newest Silver Producer
Golden Arrow Resources is undervalued due to the market missing key points about its valuation. The Company jumped from an explorer to producer via a JV with Silver Standard (SSRI). This massive de-risking event ignored by market so far.
NRG Metals, Strong Tech Lithium Team In Argentina
I’m looking for juniors with cheap valuations + 1) strong management, 2) access to capital and 3) potential projects of scale. NRG Metals stands out for its valuation.
Quantum Materials Corp, Tiny Products, Giant Potential
Quantum Materials Corp. is neck-deep into the world of quantum dot (“QD“) technology. Haven’t heard of QDs? You will be hearing a lot more about them soon enough, as they’re increasingly embedded into a new generation of LCD TVs.
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