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Consultant / analyst, blogger in Natural Resources. Covering uranium, potash, lithium, cobalt, gold, cannabis.


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Will New Technologies Replace Lithium Brine Solar Evaporation Ponds?
It’s a question of when, not if, cutting-edge technologies will replace the need for large new solar evaporation ponds. These ponds, in operation for decades, reportedly have lithium recovery rates of about 40%-60%, so half of the water evaporates
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. Making Great Moves In Lithium & Cobalt
LiCo Energy Metals is making impressive moves in Cobalt & Lithium in Canada & Chile. The price of Cobalt continues to rise.
Golden Arrow Resources - Newest Silver Producer
Golden Arrow Resources is undervalued due to the market missing key points about its valuation. The Company jumped from an explorer to producer via a JV with Silver Standard (SSRI). This massive de-risking event ignored by market so far.
NRG Metals, Strong Tech Lithium Team In Argentina
I’m looking for juniors with cheap valuations + 1) strong management, 2) access to capital and 3) potential projects of scale. NRG Metals stands out for its valuation.
Quantum Materials Corp, Tiny Products, Giant Potential
Quantum Materials Corp. is neck-deep into the world of quantum dot (“QD“) technology. Haven’t heard of QDs? You will be hearing a lot more about them soon enough, as they’re increasingly embedded into a new generation of LCD TVs.
NexGen Energy Ltd, Best House In A Bad Neighborhood
NexGen Energy Ltd (TSX: NXE) (OTC: NXGEF) is an emerging uranium company with assets in and near the world-class Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, CA. I believe NexGen is the best ways to articulate a contrarian view in the demand for uranium.
CEO Interview - Dusty Nicol, Azarga Metals Corp.
Nicol is especially optimistic about Azarga Metals Corp. because the company appears to be sitting on a large, high-grade, drilled and defined Soviet Era mineral deposit.
Can Nevada Lithium Juniors Obtain Water Rights?
The purge has arrived. Well perhaps not quite a purge, but it’s coming. It will be rejuvenating for the Lithium, (“Li”) sector. From 2016 highs, the shares of dozens of globally-listed Li juniors are down by 40% or more.
Critical Elements Corp. Compelling Risk/Reward In Lithium??
Critical Elements Corp. is an emerging specialty metals company focused on its Rose Lithium-Tantalum project near James Bay, in northern Quebec. The Company signed a blockbuster off-take agreement.
Nicola Mining, Gold Milling By April, Positive Cash Flow In 2016?
Despite $51 million having been sunk into Nicola’s assets, the Company’s market cap is approximately C$7.5 million, (at market close 2/12/16). Debt restructuring by the CEO, reduced $25.2 million in debt & payables by ~75% to $6.5 million.
Nevada’s Pure Energy Minerals, Next U.S. Lithium Producer?
Pure Energy Minerals is the second most advanced Nevada (NV) lithium junior. The Company is advancing its Clayton Valley Project, one of very few brine-based lithium projects outside of South America.
Uranium On The Cranium – Expert Alex Molyneux In The Hot Seat
There has been a bizarre disconnect happening in the market. The uranium spot price has actually been a bright spot for global commodities, up around 30% from where it was 12 months ago. However, uranium-related equities have gone the other way.
Chairman Interview: Albert Scardino Of Immunovaccine Inc.
This microcap is developing vaccines for cancer and infectious disease. Their lead product, a vaccine known as DPX Survivac, creates immune cells that attack more than 20 different kinds of cancer.
Pershing Gold Up-Listing To Nasdaq, All Roads Leading To Higher Share Price?
Pershing Gold has no debt. Midway & Allied Nevada have larger resources than Pershing, growing their ounces in step with their debt. Little good it did them in the end. Pershing continues to take measured, prudent steps towards production.
Are Lithium Juniors Better Risk-Adjusted Investments Than The Big 3?
Dajin Resources has property in Nevada & South America. While early stage, it has a tiny market caps and could be one of the greatest % gainers. Dajin won't triple over night, but within 6-18 months, gains could be spectacular for patient investors. Founder Tommy Humphreys Shares His Perspectives On Life
Natural resources investors desperately need a bit of jocularity. An interview with (and, okay, a bit of a roast of) founder Tommy Humphreys about the resources sector, the tech life, and more.
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