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George Dagnino is an economist, investment strategist, portfolio manager, author, and editor of The Peter Dag Portfolio Strategy And Management. A complimentary subscription is available.

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The Inventory Cycle - A Boring But Important Market Setter
Government and Fed stimulus create volatility. But business must navigate through it and replenish the shelves. Inventory management moves the markets.
Dividend Growth Indices - Great Investments; Some Of The Time
The long-term performance of a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks has been discussed in detail as a sound, long-term investment strategy. But the performance could be improved if investors considered the impact the business cycle has on a portfolio.
Small Cap Stocks – A Warning Signal For The Market
Small cap stocks are great performers, some of the time, and they appreciate the most when the economy strengthens. They give a reliable buy/sell signal when compared to staples.
Costco – The Stock Is Sending A Warning Message
Costco’s price pattern is closely related to the business cycle. Costco outperforms the market when business slows down. Costco has declined enough to make it attractive again.
Gold - Not So Precious
Which one should we buy – gold, bonds, or metals? Which one is likely to give the best return, say, over the next one or two years? This is not a simple decision, especially when referring to the business cycle.
Financial Markets Keep Swinging At The Rhythm Of History - Part 2
History repeats itself with amazing accuracy. Price momentum works because it is dominated by the momentum of the business cycle in the upswing and downswing phases.
Why Markets Do Not Rise In A Straight Line
Prices are dominated by the fluctuations of the business cycle. The business cycle causes prices to rise or decline. Major turning points in the business cycle offer great risks and major investment opportunities.
Silver Is A Metal. Sometimes It's Hot. Other Times It's Not. Timing Is Crucial.
Silver could be a hot precious metal. But silver is also a commodity. The business cycle will help you decide when to buy it.
The Bond Market Is Tightening, The Fed Is In A Box, And The Economy Will Pay.
The markets have been tightening by raising the cost of long-term money. The Fed cannot do anything about it. They cannot lower interest rates because they are at zero percent.
Bank Stocks, Interest Rates, And Business Cycles. Not That Obvious
Bank stocks are sensitive to interest rates.
A Strong Economy And Risks For The Markets
The business cycle moves in waves because it reflects justifiable miscalculations by business managers about the desired level of inventory needed to meet expected demand.
Gold Is A Precious Metal, Other Times Not So Much - The Business Cycle Helps You Decide - Part 2
Gold has cyclical patterns which become clear when its price is compared to the price of other metal commodities.
Great Retailers. Great Defensive Plays
These retailers offer investors a way to implement a defensive investment strategy during the slowdown phases of the business cycle
Crude Oil And Energy Stocks: It's Not The Cold Weather, It's The Business Cycle
Crude oil has been rising since the business cycle signaled solid economic growth.
A Strong Economy And Easier Lending Standards Are Fueling The Bull Market
The business cycle is on a strong upswing which is good news for equities.
An Indicator That Assesses Which S&P 500 Sectors Are Likely To Outperform
This article focuses on the performance of the eleven S&P 500 sectors and bonds during three business cycles as measured by the Peter Dag business cycle indicator.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts
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