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Dow Fell 3.1% In 2 Days After Fears Of Outbreak In US
As the coronavirus pandemic worsens in Europe and the US, investors are panic selling and finally realizing the impact. Buy gold at dip?
Global Uncertainties Put Aussie On The Edge
China’s economy has been running at just 40-50% capacity in the last weeks, with large variations across sectors. This may continue to weigh on the Aussie dollar, one of the proxies to gauge the Chinese economy.
Safe Haven Rose After Apple Revenue Warning
Apple Inc’s revenue warning underscored the financial fallout of the coronavirus epidemic in China. More companies may lower growth forecast for the near term. Buy XAU/USD at dip.
How Coronavirus Hits Global Economy And Affects Monetary Policy
Growth in much of the eurozone economy has been sluggish in recent years. Now, the export-dependent bloc has to deal with the economic fallout from the deadly coronavirus.
RBNZ Positive Comments Failed To Support NZD
Despite the bullish comments from RBNZ, the fear of coronavirus impacting the economy will keep investors cautious. Short NZD/USD?
EUR/USD Fell To A 3-Year Low Amid Economic Slowdown And Coronavirus
With the number of coronavirus cases increasing and the slowdown in the euozone’s economy, it may be too early to call for a bottoming of EUR/USD. EUR/USD can still move lower.
Aussie Dollar Becomes The Victim Due To Coronavirus
As uncertainties continue to weigh on global economy, short Aussie at rally.
NFP Tonight Could Continue To Fuel Dollar
With ADP employment change doubling and jobless claims falling, we could expect a healthy NFP data though the gains should be modest.
RBA Kept Rates Unchanged At 0.75%
With the bushfires and coronavirus continuing to weigh on Australia’s domestic growth, RBA may be forced to cut rates next month. Short AUD/JPY?
China Stocks Raise Fears On Global Growth Outlook
With risk-off mode expected to stay, buy safe-havens like gold and yen.
Bank Of England May Lean Towards Dovishness Tonight
With more MPC members expected to vote for a rate cut tonight due to weaker UK’s growth in general, we could expect dovish sentiments from Governor Carney. GBP/JPY could slide further.
Fed May Keep Neutral Stance Despite Threat Of Coronavirus Outbreak
With US-China trade tensions easing, improvement in US data and limited cases of Coronavirus in the US, Fed has no urgency to change its stance. Short EUR/USD?
Global Fears Escalate As Virus Weighs On Economic Growth
As risk-off mode may continue to stay, gold and yen may be your best bet.
Euro Sold-Off Sharply After ECB’s Dovish Outlook
As ECB will be keeping QE “as long as necessary” due to risks tilted to the downside, Euro might continue to sell-off in the coming months. Sell EUR/USD?
What To Expect From Bank Of Canada Tonight?
Despite a rebound in Canada’s employment, sluggish productivity and lower oil prices could cause BoC to lean towards dovishness. CAD/JPY could be a good pair for shorts.
What The Easing Of US-China Trade Tension Means For Euro
ECB may continue to loosen monetary measures amid economic uncertainties in the region, short EUR/USD?
1 to 16 of 213 Posts
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