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Will There Be Another 75bps Hike In September?
The gains in jobs and wages are inconsistent with the central bank’s goal of stable prices. That means the Fed may continue raising the rates, which is good news for the dollar.
Fed To Slow Tightening Pace After Weak GDP? It Is A Naive Fantasy
Recent data reflecting slowing growth have led traders to bet the Federal Reserve will pause its rate hikes later this year. However, data this week may show this is the largest market mispricing of what the Fed will do.
Super Week Coming: Earnings, Fed And GDP Show That Markets Will Be Extremely Volatile
It is a big week. More than a third of companies in the S&P 500 will be releasing their Q2 earnings reports during this period, including many large tech names.
Unstoppable Dollar Puts Financial Assets At Risk Amid Fed’s No-Mercy Tightening
The dollar’s strength is becoming a self-reinforcing risk, which could become a headwind to world economic growth and put financial markets at risk.
Risk Assets To Face More Selling Pressure With No Sign Of Fed To Ease
Hit by endless inflation, the Fed looks increasingly likely to double down on its hiking pace even if it becomes clear that the US economy is in a recession.
All You Need To Know At The Beginning Of The Second Half Of The Year From Stocks To FX
The Fed is likely to hike another 75bps in July before slowing down the hiking pace from September to December and the Fed fund rate should be around 3% by end of the year.
How To Outperform When Fed Policy Damages Both Stocks And Bonds
With a potential economic recession and an aggressive Fed rate hike path, stocks have yet to reach the bottom, and gold may rise again as a safe haven.
Will Fed Raise Rates By 75bps This Week?
Friday’s inflation report was a negative catalyst for markets that were already pricing in worries about hot inflation and recession fears. CPI rose 8.6% year over year, well above the 8.3% expected by economists surveyed earlier.
U.S. CPI This Week May Decide Dollar’s Next Direction
A run of mixed economic data is dragging the U.S. dollar, stalling a rally that has rippled through the economy and financial markets. However, inflation data this week could be a game-changer.
Market Recovers As Strong Earnings Offset “Dreadful Recession Headlines”
U.S. stocks are on track to break a seven-week losing streak as recession fears cool amid a slew of strong quarterly earnings reports.
Dollar Gains Traction As Fed Aims To Tame Inflation
Many currencies across the world sank to their weakest levels in years last week as surprisingly robust U.S. inflation data gave fresh impetus to a months-long rally in the dollar.
Stocks Sell-Off Is Far From Over, Safer Bets Would Be On Value Stocks
The past week’s wild market swings pushed the major stocks indices below key levels, made big macro calls outdated within a few hours, and rattled some of the market’s most resilient stocks.
Stocks Heads To A Tough Moment As Fed Policy Rattles Sentiment
We are seeing a rough April for Wall Street as the S&P 500 slides for three straight weeks. Now, investors will grapple with a loaded slate of earnings reports and key inflation data.
History Has Warned Us That Selling Stocks During The Tightening Cycle Is Not Smart
The rising energy, food and services prices pushed the already-elevated US inflation to 7.9% annual rate last month, leading to another 4 decade high with the commodity market disruptions from the Ukraine crisis expected to add more cost pressures.
April Has Always Been The Best Month For Stocks, Buy The Dip
The stock market is heading into what promises to be a volatile second quarter, but April is traditionally the best month of the year for stocks.
Russia-Ukraine Conflict And Fed Continuous Rate Hikes Could Cause Euro To Weaken Further
Russia-Ukraine conflict sends the eurozone economy substantially lower, with both the Manufacturing PMI and Consumer Confidence Index sliding, while the Fed continues to raise rates.
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