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Fredrik Arnold is my pen name. A fascination with capital preservation, fixed fractional trading, and trading systems keeps me blogging for,, and Most of my ...more


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Current Report: Bayer AG (BAYRY) Episode VIII-78 Monday 1/23/23 Stockpicker Star Bayer AG (BAYRY) Healthcare Sector
Current Report: Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)
Too soon, ran in September and same recommendation.
Daily Report: HP Inc (HPQ)
TalkMarkets Episode VII-95 Monday 2/14/22 Stockpicker Star HP Inc (HPQ) Technology Sector
Daily Stock Analysis: The Hackett Group - Take 7
The Hackett Group Inc is an advisory firm. The company's offerings include executive advisory programs, benchmarking, business transportation, and technology advisory services. 
Daily Report: Western Union (WU)
For personal blog
Daily Report: Norwood Financial Corp (NWFL)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VII-1 Monday, 10/4/21 Stockpicker Star Norwood Financial Corp (NWFL) Financial Services Sector
Daily Stock Analysis: First Of Long Island
First of Long Island Corp's price per share was $21.23 as of yesterday's market close. One year ago its price was $14.96.
Daily Stock Analysis: Norwood Financial (NWFL)
Norwood's price per share was $25.07 as of yesterday's market close. One year ago its price was $23.91. 
Daily Stock Analysis: Medical Properties (MPW)
Revisiting MPW.
Daily Stock Report: Cogent Communications (CCOI)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VI-142 Monday 3/22/21 Stockpicker Star: Cogent Communications Holdings Inc (CCOI) Communication Services Sector
Daily Stock Report: Resources Connection (RGP)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VI-113 Monday 2/8/21 Stockpicker Star: Resources Connection Inc (RGP) Industrials Sector
Daily Stock Report: Northwest Bancshares (NWBI)
Daily Stock Report: Culp (CULP)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VI-81 Monday 12/21/20 Stockpicker Star: Culp Inc (CULP) Consumer Cyclical Sector
Daily Stock Analysis: Cardinal Health Incorporated
Cardinal Health Inc is the third- largest global logistics provider engaged in wholesale pharmaceutical and medical products. 
Daily Stock Essay: Franklin Resources (BEN)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VI-46 Monday 11/2/20 Stockpicker Star: Franklin Resources Inc (BEN) Financial Services Sector
Daily Stock Essay: Cisco Systems (CSCO)
TalkMarkets Daily Episode VI-36 Monday 10/19/20 Stockpicker Star: Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) Technology Sector
1 to 16 of 17 Posts
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