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E WhatsTrading Recap - 03/05/2015
Choppy trading continues and the S&P 500 clings to a modest 2.25-point gain heading into the final 40 minutes of trading Thursday. At 2100.78, the index is down 4.5 points on the week and heading into monthly jobs numbers Friday morning.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 03/03/2015
The S&P 500 opened lower and is off 10 points to 2107.5 late-Tuesday, but the decline has been orderly and lacking much conviction.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 03/02/2015
The S&P 500 rallied at the open and has been chopping around aimlessly on light volume since that time.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/27/2015
The S&P 500 sees a modest breakdown heading into the final hour of trading for February 2015. Action had slowed to a crawl through midday, but a wave of selling pressure rippled through the afternoon session.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/26/2015
The energy sector is leading the S&P 500 to a modest loss Thursday as crude drops $2.43 to $48.56.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/25/2015
The pattern of narrow market action continues. The S&P 500 has traded in a ten-point range today.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/232015
Stocks are moving nowhere fast Monday. The S&P 500 has traded in a narrow 7-point range and is down 5.75 to 2104.55 heading into the final hour.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/20/2015
The S&P 500 shook off morning weakness and is set to close the week at record highs.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/19/2015
The grind continues Thursday. The S&P 500 made a morning run to 2090.79 and has chopped a bit higher since that time. With less than an hour until the closing bell, the index is flat.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/18/2015
The S&P 500 is trading in a narrow range after the record close above 2100 yesterday.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/17/2015
The S&P 500 took a stab at the 2,100 level this afternoon and is modestly higher heading into the final hour. News flow has been light and volume is well below normal levels as well.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/13/2015
Trading was active this morning as the S&P 500 took out old highs, but things are slowing heading into the long weekend. The S&P has traded in a rather narrow 8-point range and is up 2 points to 2090.48 heading into the final hour.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/12/2015
Stocks moved broadly higher at the open and extended gains in afternoon trading Thursday. At the closing bell, the S&P 500 was up nearly 20 points to 2088.44 and back within striking distance of late-2014 record closing highs (2090.57 on 12/29).
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/11/2015
Trading is mixed late-Wednesday and the S&P 500 is down 2 points to 2066.59 heading into the final hour. It hit a midday low of 2058, but gathered afternoon strength on reports Ukraine leaders are pushing through a declaration of support at peace talks.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/10/2015
Stocks are rallying late-Tuesday and the S&P 500 is at session highs heading into the final hour. The strength comes despite weakness in the energy sector.
E WhatsTrading Recap - 02/09/2015
The S&P 500 is falling to session lows heading into the final hour Monday.
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