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Fred Fuld was a former executive in the financial services industry who started out working as a stockbroker, and later as a market maker on the options floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange, then as Vice President of a San Francisco money management firm. He subsequently worked as an adjunct ...more


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Top Japan Stocks: The Only Country’s Market That Beat The U.S.
Although Japan does have some investment risk issues, there are still reasons why investors might consider investing in Japanese companies.
The Stock That Went From $24,480,000,000 A Share To $7 A Share
There was a stock that traded at $24,480,000,000 per share on a split adjusted basis back on October 3, 2011. That’s $24.48 billion.
4 Stocks Paying Over 5% Selling Below Book Value
Yes, it’s possible to get a yield of over 5% from a money market fund, but maybe you want a high yield but you also want some capital appreciation potential.
Cheap Stocks: Stocks Selling Below Cash Per Share With No Debt
If you are looking for a stock that has limited downside, it is hard to beat a stock that is trading at a price below the amount of cash it has per share, and on top of that, has little or no debt
NYSE Stocks With The Highest Short Interest For Short Squeeze Plays
Have you ever wondered why stocks that are heavily shorted can spike up in price so much?
Does The Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator Really Work?
The 'Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator' is a light-hearted, but ultimately unreliable, theory that the outcome of the Super Bowl can predict the performance of the stock market for the rest of the year. Let's take a look at how it works.
Top Stocks That Just Increased Their Dividends
There are several reasons why investors tend to favor stocks that have had a dividend increase.
What Is The RMD And Why Should You Care If You’re Over 70
The Required Minimum Distribution is the minimum amount you must withdraw from your traditional IRA or employer-sponsored retirement accounts each year, starting at a certain age. Here's why this is important, especially if you're over 70.
5 Stocks With Short Interest Over 40%: Possible Short Squeeze Plays
Short selling can be profitable, but sometimes when the stock moves against short sellers and begins to rise, the short sellers jump in to buy shares to cover their positions, creating what is called a short squeeze. Here is what traders should know.
Top Cell Tower Stocks
You may have seen an ad from telephone companies, as they brag about how they don't own cell towers in order to provide consumers with lower costs. What’s that all about? Additionally, are there investment opportunities in the cell tower industry?
Monthly Dividend Business Development Companies Paying Over 9%
BDCs play an important role in the economy by providing financing to growing businesses that may not be able to obtain it from traditional lenders. This article lists BDCs paying dividend yields of more than 9% and pay their dividends monthly
Crazy Woman Holding Your Money?
Let's say you asked someone where they put their money, and they said 'Crazy Woman.' Would you think they were crazy? Well, maybe they wouldn’t be. There is actually a bank holding company called Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp Incorporated.
Democrat Politician Investors Still Outperforming Republican Politician Investors
Six months ago, I posted an article about the political ETFs, which track the investments of politicians based on the reporting of their transactions, which politicians are legally required to provide.
Be Careful About Taking Tax Losses: Avoid The Wash Sales
A wash sale is a situation in tax law where you sell a security at a loss and then repurchase the same or an identical security within a specific timeframe, typically 30 days before or after the initial sale. Here’s why wash sales are important.
PINES And QUIBS And PDs, Oh My - Minibonds Anyone?
Have you ever considered Minibonds for an income portfolio or your retirement plan? These are bonds that are traded just like stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, or Nasdaq for around $25 per share.
Does A 30% Yield Mean Smooth Sailing Or Choppy Seas Ahead?
The shipping stock sector is noted for its high yields. There are over a dozen that have yields of 5% or more, with one, Frontline Ltd., forward yielding over 13%.
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