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International investment and bank advisor for HNWI.
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Francis D. Schutte graduated (Master in Applied Economic Sciences) in 1972 at the Antwerp UFSIA University. He soon became an active member of the Belgian financial world. Initially, he operated with a Belgian broker, subsequently with a renowned Canadian research house and with an American Bank. ...more


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Next Year Will Be One Of Houston, Yellen Has A Problem!
Quietly and without fanfare or mainstream media attention, liquidity is migrating to the physical gold & silver exchanges away from London and the USA.
About Gold, Silver And The Baltic Dry Index
The reality is that bear markets are designed to shake out all of the weak hands. We are in the final stages of that process right now.
A Dead Paper Cat Bounce In Gold?
This is where the Fiat Paper and the Physical Market clash and the manipulation of Gold stops working ... and the price of gold explodes upward.
With A Grexit, A Lot Of Politicians And Bankers Would Lose Their Job... So This Must Be Avoided By All Means
Gold has always been a long-term store of value whose price has the potential to experience a high degree of volatility over the short term.
Governments Who Have No Hope Of Paying Their Debts Are Now Essentially Being Paid To Borrow Money
Too much debt, negative interest rates, more than proportional creation of money always result in a debasement of fiat paper money, falling currencies and higher gold.
All Bankers Have Become Government Employees...
Greece is drawing up drastic plans to nationalize the country's banking system and introduce a parallel currency to pay bills unless the eurozone takes steps to defuse the simmering crisis and soften its demands.
Interest Is Rent Paid On A Loaned Asset And Something Is Astray When It Is Negative!
Trade and investments between Russia and Turkey to be settled in Ruble and Turkish Lira. Another country stops using the US-Dollar.
Juniors May Actually Be A Better Investment Than Majors
Electricity consumption and car sales are an excellent indicator for the economy....and both are coming down!
China's High Order Capital Economy Is Slowing Down 'Sharply'
Less and less trade is invoiced in US-Dollar. Rigging and manipulating of a currency becomes extremely hard, if possible at all if the volume of traded goods and services dries up...
It's Only A Matter Of Time... Only It's Almost Impossible To Know "When"!
Today is all about communicating Financial vessels and where the freshly created money is channeled to.
Yanis Holds All The Cards And The Euro Will Devaluate By 30%
If the Greeks couldn’t pay their debt at 120%, they have zero chance of paying it at 175%.
There Are Two Kinds Of Gold & Silver Investors. Which Group Do You Belong To?
Since September 2011 both groups have been caught and locked into the same correction and bottom formation. It happened that through massive intervention Authorities and Bankers actually not only managed to stop the rising price of Gold but could even bring it down to $1160.
Money Worse Than Debt
Everybody has to spend energy, has to work for his living. This is true for Government as well as for the Billionaires and for the ordinary employee.
Markets Don't Seem To Give In, Once And When They Do, It Probably Will Be The End-game
Trailing stops are very important, especially in the actual market environment. Markets don't seem to give in or correct, when they do, it probably will be the End-game.
The Fairy Tale Is Almost Too Perfect
We are experiencing a (hyper)inflationary depression. As a consequence of Quantitative Easing the price of Low Order Consumer Goods stays high and keeps rising and the price of High Order Capital Goods comes down.
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