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FEE is a non-political, non-profit, tax-exempt educational foundation. FEE strives to bring about a world in which the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society are familiar and credible to the rising generation. Through life-changing student seminars, free online courses, ...more


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Interest On The National Debt—Who Does It Go To?
This week, to start off “Ask an Economist” for the year, I have a question from Stan K. about the national debt. I’m happy to report that after asking for questions in early January, I have received the most ever.
Two Strategies For Making Better Financial Choices In 2024
The Aesop Fable known as The Ant and the Grasshopper offers a profound commentary on life and work. Its moral is at once striking and compelling, regardless of the reader’s background.
What Is 'Tight' Monetary Policy—And Can It Deliver A 'Soft Landing'?
How the Fed pulls money out of the system.
The Root Of Today’s Worldwide Education Problem Is Staring Us In The Face
From Israel to America and lots of places in between, government schools are failing. This should not surprise us.
Yes, The Products You’re Buying Are Getting Smaller—Even Though Prices Are Not
Shrinkflation is getting real.
How Gen Z Is Stepping Into Financial Independence
Recent financial literacy surveys have found that Generation Z adults are more financially educated than any previous generation. Today, over half of Gen Z already invests in some form. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t more for Gen Z to learn.
Empowerment, Exit And Entrepreneurship Will Continue To Transform Education
It’s a great time to be a learner, a parent, an educator and an entrepreneur.
Napkin Math To Explain Inflation
Spending and printing money does not, and did not, stimulate the economy. It is the root cause of inflation, however.
The Mark Twain Novel That Contains One Of The Best (and Funniest) Economic Lessons In All Of Literature
In "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," Twain, "knocks the stuffing” out of protectionism - and runs into the same problems of economists everywhere. Plus: chickens.
These 5 States Will Have Highest Tax Burdens In 2022, New Analysis Reveals
Don’t be surprised if the states topping this new list start losing people to states that don’t take as much of their money.
The Hidden Economic Lesson In ‘A Christmas Carol’
Aside from being a Christmas story, A Christmas Carol is also a ghost story, and these can contain hidden economics lessons. This one has an unintentional lesson for the economics profession itself.
The Myth Of The Pay-Productivity Gap
Price inflation in various types of goods, such as investment goods will also conceal depreciation and make it appear as a smaller share of the economy.
Real Wages Declined 0.5% In October Amid Mounting Inflation
The latest Consumer Price Index shows that consumer prices rose 6.2 percent from October 2020 to October 2021—the highest price inflation level in more than 30 years.
The Welfare State Has Fueled Long-term Declines In The Labor Force
A new study confirms that the growth of the welfare state is playing a massive role in the current labor shortage and that this trend began long before the pandemic.
Inflation Hits 30-Year High According To This Key Metric
It's the biggest annual surge recorded since January 1991 - roughly three decades ago.
Biden’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Spending Plans & Tax Hikes Will Have 3 Devastating Economic Consequences, New Study Warns
Here are the three main ways Biden’s plans would hurt, not help, Americans’ economic fortunes.
1 to 16 of 304 Posts
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