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Florian Grummes (born 1975 in Munich) is an independent precious metals analyst, trader & investor. He writes a bi-weekly in-depth analysis for one of Germany´s largest gold and silver retailer the "pro aurum group". As ... more


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Break It Down And It Comes Together
It isn’t the first time that market behavior is counterintuitive and opposite to typical rules.
Bitcoin – Strong Performance
Not much is missing for a Bitcoin breakout above the highs at US$13,800. Should it happen, a fast and spectacular bull run towards the all-time high at US$20,000 is likely to follow.
Silver, Shine On Me
If you go to eBay, you will find prices for physical silver to be at least 20% higher per ounce than the spot price. This supply/demand imbalance has been persistent now for many weeks. I imagine the next few months will not be favorable, either.
Silver Chartbook – Tried And True
The more risk is involved the more we try to gain certainty and scrutinize the answers. One of the best ways to eliminate this is by trading a smaller size.
Crypto Chartbook: Extremes Versus Optimization
Trading requires a true belief that averages and optimization are the way to riches. Extremes versus optimization are the daily inner fight a trader needs to win.
Silver Chartbook – An Error Does Not Become A Mistake Until You Refuse To Correct It
Many technicians are rigid with their insistence that charts can tell every story. They can’t. The percentage of cycle reoccurrence and charts reflecting human behavior is very high.
Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin – Tick Tack Wake Up
The monthly chart shows Bitcoin having moved over the last six months through two significant fractal resistance zones. They have become support now, each with a 500-point supply and demand carpet below a strong support line.
Gold – Short-Term Recovery But The Correction Is Not Over Yet
Over the last five days gold was able to recover back above US$1,900 and has thus increased the probability for a larger recovery or bounce over the next few days or maybe even weeks.
Silver Chartbook – How To Weather The Storm?
If everybody is talking about the worst most often nothing bad is happening. Nevertheless, it is essential to be prepared which results in being calm, the essential state necessary for market participation.
Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin – Honesty Persists
One fascinating aspect of trading is its purity factor. You can’t manipulate yourself through conflicts with excuses or bribes in market play.
Silver Chartbook – The Ultimate Question And Its Answer
Asking for the ideal spot to pick tops and bottoms is futile. You will rarely pick that spot and most likely find yourself in an emotional scarcity loop if you aim for that perfection. 
Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin – Out Of This World
The core concept of space exploration is natural risk-seeking, welcoming the risk by controlling it, and searching for expansion. Similar to Bitcoin investing.
Bitcoin – Take Advantage Of Any Dip Below 10K
With a little luck Bitcoin will offer another and possibly very last chance to buy below US$10,000 in the coming weeks.
Silver Chartbook – Embrace The Pressure
One problem with market participation is that there is no little league. You can’t carve yourself that little niche out to make some bread and butter trading.
EC Crypto Chartbook: The Principle Of Impermanence
Based on the principle of impermanence it needs to be clear that no trading system is ever finished and permanent.
Silver Chartbook – Three Sides To Each Coin
When Gold and Silver prices will rise to much higher levels than right now, even small denomination Gold coins will be unsuitable for actual physical barter.
1 to 16 of 104 Posts
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