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Financial Velociraptor is intended as entertainment and education.  Your head velociraptor “retired” early from the corporate grind at age 40 on 5OCT2012 to trade equities full time.  He loves his new life and wants to help as many people as possible break the shackles of ... more


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Book Loss FRT
FRT rallied past its resistance point.
Book Loss Walmart (WMT) Bull Call Spread
This one hurts more than most because I had a win in the bag that I couldn’t book due to an unlikely weather scenario.
Weekly Trades With Yields Up To 305%
First the buy-write. I entered a new core position with Kimberly-Clark. The consumer staples company (mostly consumable paper and paper-products) is a Dividend Aristocrat. 
Capitulate LNG Spread
Bull Call Spread in LNG turned against me.
Bear Put Spread In Nucor (NUE) With Yield Up To 174%
Nucor is a steel producer that is focused on recycling old steel  It is a dividend aristocrat with 46 consecutive years of dividend increases.
Bear Put Spread VF Corporation With Yield Up To 234%
VF Corporation is a dividend aristocrat with 47 consecutive years of dividend increases.
Bear Put Spread PEP With 138% Yield
The market continues to march steadily higher despite many headwinds. 
Federal Realty Investment Trust Trade With Yield Up To 259%
A bear put spread in BDX was threatened and briefly crossed my 50% stop loss. 
Update Distressed Bond QUAD
The high yield to Treasury spread is kind of tight right now so good opportunities to deploy capital in distressed bonds are hard to come buy. I'll keep looking.
Hormel Foods (HRL) Spread With Yield Up To 136%
Several positions expired over the weekend.
Update Distressed Bonds
Several positions expire tomorrow.
Genuine Parts (GPC) Trade With Yield Up To 90%
This week’s new trade is in Genuine Parts (GPC). This is an auto parts manufacturer and Dividend Aristocrat with 57 consecutive years of raising its distribution.
Bought Puts AMC Theaters (AMC)
The movie chain AMC (AMC) is in dire financial straights. Coronavirus shut down a lot of theaters temporarily.
Bear Put Spread In Emerson Electric (EMR) With Yield Up To 249%
Emerson Electric is a big mature industrial equipment maker that has raised its distribution for 57 consecutive years. Shares are slow-moving and currently priced at 64.79.
Financial Transparency As November Begins
The options performance is picking up and I hope to deploy some profits into more closed end funds with yield to get my passive income back above budget.
Bear Put Spread On Dover (DOV) With 84% Expected Return
Dover is a specialty machinery company and a Dividend Aristocrat with 57 consecutive years of dividend raises. 
1 to 16 of 119 Posts
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