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Financial Velociraptor is intended as entertainment and education.  Your head velociraptor “retired” early from the corporate grind at age 40 on 5OCT2012 to trade equities full time.  He loves his new life and wants to help as many people as possible break the shackles of ... more


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GDXJ Covered Call With Yield Up To 103.05%
I was assigned 200 shares of GDXJ over the weekend at 46 per share.
Roll VXX Puts 153% Yield
I hit my target price on my VXX puts.
Monday Trades With Yields Up To 110%
Re-establishing two expired positions.
Trades With Yields Up To 504%
I opened an in the money bull call spread on OKTA at the 160 and 165 strikes. With the 19JUN2020 expiry selected, the trade will be in force for about 39 days.
Getting Back In The Contango Trade
I’m getting back to my roots. VXX suffers from terminal “contango”.
Capitulating On Three Hedges
Sold long-dated puts on T, MCK, PTON.
Monday Trades With Yields Up To 1400%
Annaly (NLY) puts have treated me well. I
Adjusting Hedges
I am still waiting for the S&P to break above its 200 day moving average to get back into the VXX game.
Write Puts NLY 126.35% Yield
COVID-19 really did a number on my portfolio. If there is a silver lining, it is that high vol is making options premiums really plump.
Hedging Review
One saving grace that has kept my portfolio from completely cratering has been the existence of long dated put options I’ve been opening for about 18 months as a hedge.
Two New CEF Purchases
I bought a pair of closed-end funds that I think are yield rich and have a history of maintaining distributions.
Game Plan
I'm waiting for a peak in COVID-19 cases and a move in the S&P over the 200 day moving average. That is my signal to start buying VXX long-dated puts again.
Closed ADBE Bull Call Spread Early
closed out multiple positions that had fallen below my stop loss.
Sometimes The Best Trade Is No Trade
COVID-19 has really rollicked the markets.
Weekly Trades With Yields Up To 165%
Wuhan Coronavirus appears to be weighing heavily on markets today.
Closed Two Positions Early
Sometimes, when the shares are deep in the money or there is a dividend due, shares will assign early. And sometimes, the price action moves against me and it makes sense to close early to limit my risk.
1 to 16 of 85 Posts
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