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Financial Velociraptor is intended as entertainment and education.  Your head velociraptor “retired” early from the corporate grind at age 40 on 5OCT2012 to trade equities full time.  He loves his new life and wants to help as many people as possible break the shackles of ... more


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Monday Trades With Yields Up To 243%
Covered calls in Macquarie and Dolby expired out of the money over the weekend.
Monday Trades With Up To 99% Return
A covered call in CCJ expired out of the money over the weekend. I am opening new calls to earn additional income.
Distressed Bond Opportunity In Forum Energy Technology
I was busy yesterday in preparation however placing a limit order for a distressed bond. I bid 90.5000 on (CUSIP: 34984VAB6). The bond is trading near that valuation and I hope to get a fill. Why FET?
Covered Call International Paper With Yield Up To 31.36%
International Paper fell on hard times in recent years. It was highly exposed to producing bulk paper for newsprint and copy/printer paper. Both sectors saw decreasing demand and falling margins.
Monday Option Trades With Yields Up To 70.21%
My bear put spread in DISCA performed very well after AT&T noted that Dish was not going to carry Discovery channel on three new bundles. Shares fell several percents causing the value of my spread to increase.
Adding Short Exposure
Five new long put plays.
Monday Trades In Altria
I have two trades in Altria today. The first is my standard buy/write for income. The second is a more speculative bet with a chance of 100% loss and a chance of up to 166% gain over 117 days or 342% annualized.
New Trades With Yields Between 7.9 And 61.95%
Shares of Macquarie were called away over the weekend generating short term capital gains of 202 dollars.
Covered Call CSX Corporation – Yields Up To 27.51%
I opened a buy-write trade today. To do that, I purchased 100 shares of CSX at 69.66.
Covered Call Dolby (DLB) – Yield Up To 46.88%
The company is leading in augmented and virtual reality, advanced video and compression, and other technologies. It earns a steep 89% gross margin. And trades for a mere 25 P/E despite high single-digit sales growth.
Covered Calls MO, MIC, BX Up To 63.73% Annualized Return
Today’s covered call trades bring my expected 12-month forward dividend, distribution, and interest income back to 107.24% of budget.
Municipal Bond Opportunity In IIM
Many investors are looking for safety and yield right now. A great place to look is the municipal bond space. Today, I’m recommending a closed end fund.
How To Write A Diagonal Call
Diagonal calls can be powerful as they generate an income stream on a deep in the money long dated call.
Update On Discounted Bonds
I am increasingly wanting to shift my focus to high yield corporate bonds bought a discount to par. The underlying yields are similar but there is upside in the way of capital gains when the bonds pay out at par.
The Bond Market Is Signalling An Opportunity In NWL
When the bond market and equity markets disagree, the bond market (smart money) is almost always proven right.
Friday Fixed Income – Focus On Municipals
Today I am sharing three closed-end funds that are invested entirely in investment grade municipal bonds: MEN, VKI and VMO.
1 to 16 of 35 Posts
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