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U.S. Growth’s Impact On World Stability
As global leaders converge in Washington for the IMF and World Bank’s spring meetings, the spotlight is on the U.S. economy, whose robust growth trajectory has been a pivotal driver of global expansion.
Bitcoin Grows 135% Yearly Despite Recent Dip
Bitcoin has experienced a slight setback today, with its value dipping by 0.5%, maintaining a level of around $70,700.
S&P 500 And Nasdaq: S&P 500 Remains Below Resistance 5220.0
The S&P 500 index is pulling back from this week’s resistance zone at 5220.0.
Oil In The $85-$87 Range, Natural Gas Is Making A Pullback
This week, the oil price was in the $85.00-$87.00 range. The price of natural gas has been in a bearish trend for two days, and this morning it fell to the $1.68 level.
2024’s Commodity Boom: Is History Repeating Itself?
The ebbs and flows of the commodities market offer a fascinating lens through which to view the cyclical nature of the global economy.
Dogecoin And Shiba Inu: Dogecoin Resting Below 0.20500
The price of Dogecoin fell to a new weekly low on Wednesday at the 0.18000 level. Shiba Inu price pulled back to the 0.00002640 support level yesterday.
Bitcoin Eyes Halving Milestone Amid Falling ETF Trades
Bitcoin remains stable near record highs amidst U.S. inflation concerns. The upcoming Bitcoin halving event, expected around Thursday, April 20, 2024, could increase its value.
Gold Nears Record High Amid US Inflation Data Wait
Gold prices near record highs, driven by demand for safety and central bank purchases, notably China’s. Copper prices also surge to 15-month highs, indicating optimism for global factory activity recovery.
Nvidia Shares Drop 5% Amid New AI Chip Rivals
Nvidia’s shares fell by five per cent amid announcements from Intel and Alphabet about new AI chips. Intel’s Gaudi three chip claims to outperform Nvidia’s H100 by fifty per cent and is 40% more energy-efficient.
Dogecoin’s Resurgence: Surpasses Pinterest, DraftKings In Market Cap Amid Meme Coin Craze – Can DOGE Hit $1 In 2024?
Dogecoin has surpassed Pinterest and DraftKings in market capitalization, highlighting its growing prominence amid the meme coin craze.
Shiba Inu Rises Five Percent: A Market Uplift Story
SHIB surged nearly five per cent in 24 hours, reaching a $16 billion market cap despite a trading volume decline. Despite SHIB’s price increase, negative sentiment persists, hinting at investor caution.
PayPal Innovates Cross-Border Payments With PYUSD Stablecoin
In the US, PayPal introduces PYUSD stablecoin for fee-free cross-border payments on Xoom, starting Tuesday, April 4, 2023. PYUSD enables transfers to over 160 countries, aiming for stability and efficient international transactions.
Bitcoin Rebounds To $69,000
Bitcoin’s recent rally to $69,000 can be largely attributed to statements from key FR officials, which have ignited a wave of optimism among investors.
Stock Splits Surge: Walmart’s Bold Move And Market Impact
In the face of mounting uncertainty, investors, both professional and retail alike, often seek refuge in the stability and historical performance of leading companies.
Bitcoin Dips To $65,525 Amid Investor Caution
Bitcoin’s value decreased by 0.9% to $65,525.6, indicating a cautious market sentiment. Uncertainty around U.S. interest rates affects Bitcoin, with investors awaiting key data.
Ethereum Restaking: The Future Bedrock And Its Hidden Risks
As the digital landscape continually evolves, Ethereum’s innovative restaking mechanism is set to play a pivotal role in its network’s future.
1 to 16 of 772 Posts
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