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Professor Ferdinand E. Banks (Uppsala University, Sweden), performed his undergraduate studies at Illinois Institute of Technology (electrical engineering) and Roosevelt University (Chicago), graduating with honors in economics. He also attended the University of Maryland and UCLA.  He has ... more


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Climate Change: A Short Note
I am going to nominate Freeman Dyson as your Man of the Year. Dyson accepts that anthropogenic (man-made) global warming exists, and even accepts that it is the result of burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal.
Natural Gas And Futures Markets
Transactors in a physical commodity (e.g. buyers and sellers of physical crude oil and natural gas) can employ futures markets to reduce price risk only if other traders and/or speculators are willing to accept this risk.
Natural Gas Economics: An Update
When oil and coal were on the downward slopes of their cumulative production curves – i.e. annual output was declining –natural gas would still be going strong.
Thoughts On Nuclear Energy
China is a long way from the summer jazz and dancing at Stockholm’s ‘Skansen’, but not Russia, and I have informed everyone who looks as if they might find my point of view worthwhile that Russia will eventually become the richest country in Europe
Sweden Prepares For War
In Sweden, voters from one of the opposition parties – the ‘Center’ Party – have denounced the dictatorship of the peace loving Swedish majority, and declared that they are ready and willing to make common cause with NATO.
A Nuclear Update For A Swedish Energy Summit
Sweden is the perfect country in which to study energy disciplines. Perhaps 45 percent of the electric production capacity in Sweden is accounted for by nuclear, although annually – at various times in the past.
Logic And Nuclear Energy: A Humble Reminder And Extension
Where nuclear is concerned, the conversion of the broad masses in countries like Sweden – as well as their so-called experts – will not come through polemics, but through revelation: they will wake up some fine morning and get the message.
The Real Nuclear Deal: A Modest Contribution To A Stockholm Energy Summit
The most important project in energy economics at the present time is providing proof that optimal national energy structures of the future will be a mix of all sorts of items – nuclear, fossil fuels, renewables, alternatives etc.
OPEC's Strategy: An Update
These days I am interested in an equally important query, which has to do with OPEC’s intentions where the production and export of oil are concerned.
Germany And Nuclear Energy
While Germany might temporarily abandon nuclear facilities located in Germany, there will never be a comprehensive nuclear retreat -- at least as long as German voters prefer a higher to a lower standard of living.
A Short And Sweet Update On Oil
The U.S. crude oil output is growing now because of the ‘shale boom’, but predictions can be found that this U.S. growth will cease about 2019, with total crude output about 12 mb/d. U.S. imports at that time are estimated to have declined to about 3-4 mb/d – which may or may not be true.
An Aspect Of OPEC's Strategy
Earning “low or negative rates of return” is not (and probably never was) the goal of new OPEC refiners and petrochemical producers.
The Economics Of The Coal Game
Much more of the commodity coal is going to be burned than commonly believed, and to help make this happen a game will have to be played.
The Oil Price And Macroeconomics
From the formation of OPEC in 1961, until at least the beginning of the twenty-first century, it was the intention of that organization to manage not only the oil in their countries, but also to obtain a controlling interest in the global oil price.
A Nuclear Energy Update
France and Sweden may still have the largest nuclear inventory per voter in the world, and they also once enjoyed the lowest electricity prices in Europe, and perhaps the world.
A Statement About Energy Lies And Truth
A few years ago the Swedish energy minister and the head of a Swedish labor union were brought together in a short television debate about nuclear energy.
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