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Chief Financial Correspondent, Axios
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Felix Salmon is the Chief Financial Correspondent at Axios and is also the host of the Slate Money postcast.

Felix is widely admired as one of the most insightful commentators on the finance world today. Felix has an impressive history having worked at Portfolio Magazine, ... more


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The American Paradox
America didn't get the coronavirus under control, and we gave up on fiscal stimulus after a single short-lived round of it. Nevertheless, we're about to close out by far the strongest quarter of economic growth in American history.
Left Out Of The Country
America’s cities are facing a historic shortage of two vital resources: money and immigrants.
Only One Car Company Matters
Tesla is the company of the moment — the prime exemplar of just about any big and important trend that you might care about.
Swimming In Cash
The U.S. economy is getting increasingly good at producing a lot of output with relatively little actual employment.
Fancy A Bet?
Never has the stock market seen so much gambling. Volume is at record highs, with individual stocks and the market as a whole feeling almost manic. More people than ever are betting more money than ever on which way stocks will move.
Tesla Should Have Gone Private
Tesla stock has been in Ludicrous Mode for the past few days. Given its bonkers gyrations, it's now easy to see why CEO Elon Musk might feel that he was right all along in wanting to take the company private back in 2018.
America’s New Housing Crisis
A different kind of housing crisis; carbon offsets; abortion; Brexit; Argentine debt; and more. All in 1,566 words, which should take you about 6 minutes to read.
A Tale Of Two Carmakers: Tesla Overcomes Nissan
Since Nissan's chairman was arrested, its enterprise value at a rate of roughly $36 million per trading day. Tesla's enterprise value, meanwhile, has risen to a new high of $99.2 billion.
When War Pays Dividends
War. What is it good for? The stock market, it turns out.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts