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AUD/NZD Is Potentially Heading To 1.10+
It looks like the AUD/NZD is about to break out to the upside in the coming weeks.
EUR/JPY Could Extend Rally As German-Japan Yield Spread Widens
Given the rising German yields and the widening of the German-Japan yield spread, the EUR/JPY should be able to continue higher from the support area shown on the chart.
USD/CAD Bottoming Out?
Thanks to the rising US bond yields, a number of major FX pairs have recently reversed their trends. The USD/CAD has so far resisted the US dollar’s pressure because of rising oil prices (Canada’s major export commodity).
DAX Prints Reversal Signal
The German DAX has provided its first major bearish sign. After hitting a new all-time high, the index closed below the opening price on Wednesday.
EUR/CHF Resurrection: Advantages Of Entering Before Breakout
Things have changed dramatically for the EUR/CHF this week. The forgotten currency pair has risen from the ashes and surged higher over the past couple of days.
EUR/CHF About To Pop Higher?
The EUR/CHF is a forgotten currency pair and rightly so because it hardly moves.
Thoughts On EUR/USD At 1.20ish
The EUR/USD has finally dipped back to long-term support around 1.20ish. The bigger picture is still bullish as per the weekly chart.
USD/CAD Bearish Engulfing
The USD/CAD is among the most interesting pairs we are watching this week after it started to break lower last week. More losses could be on the way.
EUR/USD Climbs To Pivotal Area Ahead Of US Data
The EUR/USD showed bullish follow-through on Wednesday after it had created a reversal stick on the daily the day before in the form of a bullish hammer.
AUD/JPY: Aussie Goes From Weakest To Strongest But Renewed Selling Likely
Thanks to today’s recovery in the stock markets, the rebound in Chinese yuan and inaction by the Reserve Bank of Australia overnight, the Aussie dollar has gone from being the weakest yesterday to the strongest major currency on the day so far.
1 to 10 of 10 Posts