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I am a senior financial analyst with over seven years of experience in the field of equity research, credit research, financial modelling and economic research. I am inclined towards fundamental research and long-term investing.

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Global Economy Recovering From Brink Of Recession
Latest economic data suggests that the global economy is recovering from the brink of recession, but investors need to remain cautious as it’s too early to say that global recession is unlikely in 2016.
Five Reasons To Buy Gold
With gold surging above $1,300 an ounce, this article discusses five reasons to remain bullish on gold not just for the near-term, but for the next decade.
Chart Of The Day: Labor Force Participation Decomposition
The labor force participation rate remains at its lowest level since the early 1980s and it’s entirely likely that the participation rate will continue to decline in the coming decade.
Can Robotics Impact Global Labor Markets?
The automotive sector accounts for 40% of the industrial robots shipment followed by the consumer electronics sector, which accounts for 20% of the industrial robots shipment.
The Futility Of Forecasting Global GDP Growth
This article uses the growth forecast by the IMF to underscore the point that GDP growth forecasts invariably fail to predict real economic growth. While investors watch these data points closely, they might help little in making investment decisions
The Fed Will Not Increase Rates: The Export Perspective
This article underscores the importance of dollar movement on exports driven growth and the key factors that will prevent the fed from increasing interest rates if the dollar remains relatively strong.
How Will Markets React To GDP Numbers?
The advance GDP estimate is scheduled to be released today and this article discusses the various GDP growth rate scenarios and possible market reaction.
China: Still The World’s Number One Heavy Metal Rock Star
China’s appetite for metals—gold, silver, copper, iron ore and more—is growing, another sign that the Asian giant is in turnaround mode.
Chart Of The Day: Oil Prices And Norwegian Currency
While it’s clear that the energy industry plays a crucial role in economic growth and prosperity, the chart of the day further underscores that view.
Focus Norway Edition: The Petroleum Supply And Services Industry
Presenting some key facts about this the energy industry in the Norwegian economy.
Europe’s Energy Security And Norway
Norway is a significant contributor to gas demand in Europe and is likely to remain a significant contributor in the coming years.
Correlation And Likely Trend For Gold And Silver
While gold has trended higher by 17% for YTD16, silver has surged by 24% during the same period and there are analysts who opine that silver has bottomed out and is set for renewed rally.
The Futility Of Low Interest Rates
Exposure to physical gold is a good investment option in a scenario where the world is moving towards negative interest rates. Further, equities are likely to do well as speculative investments increase.
Four Reasons To Be Bullish On Natural Gas
Energy prices have been depressed in the last 12-18 months and I have maintained my view that this is a good opportunity to accumulate quality names in the energy sector for the next 5-10 years.
Why China’s Oil Consumption Will Continue To Grow?
China’s GDP growth has been sluggish and I am of the opinion that even if China grows at 5% for the next decade, the growth can be termed as good for an economy that is gradually transitioning from production and manufacturing to consumption.
Why One Analyst Believes Gold Could Hit $3,000 An Ounce
After finishing its best quarter in 30 years, gold extended its gains, rising more than 17.2 percent year-to-date to become the best performing asset class among other commodities, U.S. Treasury bonds and major world currencies and equity indices.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts
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