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I'm author of Net Net Hunter, a site dedicated to international net net stocks. It often pays to look outside of your own backyard when investing in net net stocks. Net Net Hunter is a community based site helping investors make the most of their financial future by uncovering net net stocks ...more

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Cheap Small Cap Stocks: Why It's Better To Go Small
We believe that investing in cheap small cap stocks is a great way to earn outsized returns.But why cheap small cap stocks when so many gurus are buying large or mega cap companies? Read on...
Benjamin Graham’s Portfolio: What Would It Look Like Today?
What would Benjamin Graham’s portfolio look like today? That’s a question I’ve often asked myself lately. Would he be fully invested or not? Would he be in stocks or bonds? Which stocks?
Why This Warren Buffett Advice Is Fatal For Classic Graham Investors
Warren Buffett's no-called-strike analogy is often cited by investors, but his comments about wanting to be fully investor aren't nearly as well known.
Have You Been Sucked Into The Warren Buffett Trap?
Warren Buffett has become a deity among value investors but blindly embracing his investment style means earning lower returns over the course of your life.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts