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I'm a DC-based policy strategist, entrepreneur, analyst, and columnist. I have a background in government financial/securities regulation, wealth management finance, corporate and securities law, the business side of the technology sector, and federal public policy strategy. ... more

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What Is A Dogecoin Worth?
Dogecoin is a tongue-in-cheek cryptocurrency that honors Shiba Inus, has caught Elon Musk's attention, and sees extraordinary price volatility - however its technical structure, monetary system, and use case still make it especially interesting.
Tech Is In La-La Land
Tech valuations are now wildly out of control and not worth the "flight-to-quality" premium that is being paid for the strength and safety of tech compared to other industries.
Among Speculative Plays I Like JETS
Amid hard-hit sectors due to COVID-19, I believe airlines are particularly well-suited for risk-reward value and resurgence due to their adaptions, their necessary societal function, and massive government support.
Even After Recent Surge This High-Frequency Trader Still Shows Value
Virtu Financial has rallied immensely since the coronavirus pandemic has begun rocking assets of every sort as the company gains when markets are volatile and it can trade and market-make.
Twitter Is Showing The Public What It's Good At
After the pandemic subsides the combination of Twitter's multiple recovery/expansion and an arguably stable surge in monetizable users newly introduced to the platform bodes well for the company.
Apple Could Still Be In For More Pain
Apple's focus on the Americas and Europe and its orientation to consumer hardware sales creates major headwinds as those regions lock down and consumers face shrinking discretionary income.
Historic Unemployment Risks Beginning Financial Contagion
There is a reason the unemployment numbers are of particular concern amid all the various corporate guidance and economic numbers being thrown out.
Why Netflix May Not Actually Benefit From All This
The corporate credit crunch means a fundamental Netflix cash-source is increasingly tightened and adding to a potential negative vortex of factors for the content-streaming giant.
I Can't Trust This Rally
Even with a $2 trillion stimulus companies, and Main Street, still are in for a long slog of unknown duration that might similarly continue to wreak chaos on this market and create new bottoms.
QQQ Is Good For Entering This Kind Of Market
The QQQ ETF is oriented to technology companies and large-cap ones at that, making it precisely well-designed to be an index fund to be a foundation for one's portfolio amid coronavirus as many other sectors are burned and small-caps left to dry.
This Was A Rally Of Hope
Markets were fueled in this historic rally by a combination of economic, monetary, and policy supports coming together. Risks remain however as the public health fight against coronavirus has barely begun as dozens of nations now join the fight.
"Sell Everything" No Longer Makes Sense
The market is showing increased bifurcation as investors are more carefully examining which companies have the best liquidity to survive without share-price destruction.
Facebook Likely To Rebound Once Coronavirus Fight Stabilizes
The company has stellar cash flow and reserves that even with a prolonged coronavirus pandemic is very unlikely to cause liquidity issues.
Keep The Markets Open
The market is in deep turmoil but keeping it open preserves Americans' access to their assets, lets companies raise capital, and supports real-time transparency about current business/economic developments.
The Market Is Cracking
The market will only begin a consistent rise once coronavirus is truly defeated, whether by containment and/or vaccine, and things return to normal - companies just need to survive in the meantime.
Crypto Carnage Creates Price Opportunity For Bitcoin
It is likely Bitcoin will continue to experience volatility as the markets continue to do the same. I expect that once the coronavirus pandemic subsides and fears decrease about a sustained economic downturn that Bitcoin will too make a resurgence.
1 to 16 of 38 Posts
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