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Founder, Chairman, CEO, President, Treasurer, Analyst at Mockingjay, Inc.
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In 2011 Peter Epstein, CFA, left a $3 billion hedge fund where he was a senior natural resources analyst to help increase awareness of a number of natural resource companies in which he's invested in. 



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Which Company Is Pouncing On Wastewater (Heat) Recovery? Is This The Next Big Thing?
How many times have I invested in renewable, energy-saving / recycling companies? Too many! Each seems so promising, so refreshingly intuitive, in the right place, at the right time… But, International Wastewater Systems (IWS) is unique, here's why.
Nevada Energy Metals’ Advisory Board Member Malcolm Bell, Charged-Up On Lithium!
These days, investors in emerging lithium companies seem only to care about two things. How close is a property to a producing lithium operation (or basin with high lithium concentrations)? And, how many acres (hectares) is it?
Interview Of TSX-V Market Veteran & Lithium Sector Bull, Ron Loewen
According to Vancouver capital markets veteran Ron Loewen, evidence is mounting that the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange has hit bottom and investors have a rare opportunity to create wealth by investing in early stage TSX-V companies.
Alabama Graphite Corp., Poised To Be One Of The Few Winners
The story unfolding couldn’t be simpler. Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) represent a paradigm shift in the transportation and stationary (residential, commercial & utility grid-storage) battery markets.
Exclusive Interview Of Auryn Resources' COO Michael Henrichsen
Auryn Resources Inc is an exciting junior gold company with assets in Nunavut Territory, Canada. Its COO explains why in an exclusive interview with Its COO explains why.
Metals & Minerals Commodities Collapsing, Why Are Lithium Juniors Like Dajin Resources Moving Higher?
Strong evidence of the demand for lithium can be seen in its pricing history vs. other commodities. According to Simon Moores of Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, lithium carbonate prices are up 4 years in a row and up again this year.
Interview With Uranium Resources CEO Regarding Merger With Anatolia Energy
Mr. Jones joined URI as President & CEO in April, 2013. Mr. Jones has more than 30 years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility in senior management as CEO and in operational leadership roles in the mining and energy industries.
Pure Energy Minerals Aims To Be A Winner In Lithium
Pure Energy Minerals is a lithium-brine resource company with a goal of becoming a low cost lithium supplier in North America. Pure Energy is focused on its Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Deposit in Nevada.
Significant Report By Chris Ecclestone On Ucore Rare Metals
The report is from the well respected Hallgarten & Company. Ucore's Molecular Recognition Technology, "MRT," has been successfully operated at commercial scale.
Interview Of Mark Papendieck, Of Orinoco Gold
Orinoco Gold is an Australian listed, high-grade gold developer/explorer with a dominant land position in the Faina Greenstone Belt in the central Brazilian State of Goias. Orinoco is developing its Cascavel Gold Mine.
When Good Things Happen To Good Companies
Find decent management teams, with liquidity to ride out the next 12 months and the ability to advance projects, even if not as rapidly as desired.
Lithium Demand From Electric Vehicles Alone Could Grow 30% Annually For Years To Come
"Range anxiety." Prospective buyers of EVs are on the fence, until confident that a massive infrastructure of electric charging stations is in place. Guess what? That's nonsense. Average daily driving per capita is about 40 miles.
Netolitzky’s Skeena Resources Funded For 12-18 Months, Aggressive Drilling Commencing
Skeena Resources announced an up-sized, non-brokered C$8.1 million capital raise with no warrants attached. This is a tremendous outcome that de-risks Skeena’s Spectrum project by eliminating funding risk for the next 12-18 months.
Brine Lithium Harvesting Superior To Hard Rock Mining? You Decide
Hard rock lithium mining occupies a larger environmental footprint, takes a longer time from exploration to production and is more expensive than brine harvesting. This alone makes old fashioned hard rock mining less & less popular around the globe.
3 Reasons To Buy Ucore Rare Metals Now, Not Later
The faster Ucore advances towards pre-construction, the more rapidly the AIDEA loan will be disbursed. The progress of Ucore's MRT segment could help self-fund the development of Bokan-Dotson.
Interview With Ucore Rare Metals' Key Technology Partners
Intevrview with Steve & Reed Izatt of IBC Advanced Technologies and Mark McDonald of Ucore Rare Metals.
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