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Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including the best-selling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally.

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Resolved For 2020: Come Together
“Divide and Conquer” is a proven method for creating chaos that can diffuse and distract opponents.
Free Trade? Fair Trade?
The current face-offs between the United States and China over trade resurrect an issue that has wide-ranging ramifications in both countries.
Making A Democratic Economy
The remarkable financial successes of the American economy have been mostly bestowed on a small percentage of our populace while a growing proportion of citizens face increasing financial hardships.
Money System: For Wonks And Quants
A discussion about our monetary system and how things might reasonably change and upend our debt-based money system.
Looking Under The Hood, We Find...
Smoke and mirrors? The world of finance is built on mutual agreements quantified by digitized records representing the full faith and credit of someone, whether an individual or a country. Not gold, not silver, not paper.
Backwards And Forwards
When we look back at the history of banking in America, we can see the formative patterns that have shaped that industry over the past couple hundred years.
Making Change
The lock-down on control of our money by private banks is facing an increased challenge in a variety of forms, from technology that creates new methods of exchange, to the public uprising for creation of new public banks.
Scarce Money – Abundant Problems
Public acceptance of unacceptable conditions produced by a privately-controlled money world has institutionalized struggle and sacrifice through unnecessary monetary scarcity.
"An Economy Worthy Of Our Affection"
The very notion that an economy could deserve an emotional response seems to unreasonably mix metaphors; how could economic activities elicit heart-warming affection?
Politics And Public Banking
The excitement surrounding the inclusion of public banking in political campaigns is now shifting gears into the nitty-gritty process of educating and encouraging legislators and candidates to move forward.
Alternating Currency
Global monetary expert Bernard Lietaer has said that a country would be more stable financially if it had multiple currencies focused on specific sectors of the economy.
Bankers Get Paid First
Debt is the mechanism by which private capital interests retain and control power over public interest and prospects, which is why creating public banks is so important for our cities, counties and states.
Digits – Better Get Used To Them
As cash transactions continue a downward slide toward obsolescence and perhaps even illegality, a host of replacement media are being lined-up to replace the practice of making tactile exchanges when completing transactions.
You’ve Been Strip Mined
You’ve Been Strip Mined! That’s how my guest Les Leopold describes what has happened to the constructive role of capital, such as investment in research and development, expansion and improvement of services and industries.
Cash Scrapped
Kiss your cash goodbye! The word is that things would be more convenient, crooks would be confounded and diseases might be thwarted if we’d just get rid of filthy currency as the most essential form of personal financial liquidity.
Is George Orwell Smiling?
Perhaps George Orwell is just smirking, as the merged worlds of global finance and transnational government play out their collaborations of control and deception in the name of a new world order they control. (Audio Length: 00:58:35)
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