Banks And The Digital Dollar
Paper money is going away in the very near future.  Sooner than you realize, paper money will be replaced by a “digital-USD”.
Robots Are Just A Catalyst Shifting To New Paradigm
The new paradigm of automation, robots, technology is simply taking over from the bricks n' mortar economy, globally, and this is being seen in all disciplines. Enjoy the ride!
Trade Is FX. Protecting USD Status As The World's Reserve
The real driver of global trade is FX. What enables the USA to live beyond its means is the world reserve status.
Pension Managers Are Next
Pension funds continue to lose money for average working people. Fund staffers have been fired - is it a sign of an overhaul in the pension system?
Playing The Trump Effect On FX Markets
The "Trump Call" is the long option Trump is betting on "Making America Great Again". Trump will soon assume his elected office, and potentially change FX markets forever.
Slow Death Of The Hedge Fund Era
The alternative investment industry is evolving rapidly as traditional managers continue to charge high fees and lose money for their clients.


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Making Wall Street “Great” Again: The Fate Of The Fiduciary Rule
5 years ago

great article. we need deregulation. Lots of good strategies won't work in USA due to rules, a great example is

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. Posts Worse Than Expected Q4 Profits & Offers Tepid Outlook For 2017
5 years ago

great article, trading stocks is very tricky though. We stick to futures, options, & forex. is an example of great consistent performer.

In this article: DPS
Echoes Of Massive Money Market Reform
5 years ago

Great article. Read similar themes in this book

Playing The Trump Effect On FX Markets
5 years ago

great article. loved it!

USD/JPY Forecast Jan. 2-6 2017
5 years ago

good analysis. Checkout

Top 4 Financial Assets To Trade This Week - 1/1/17
5 years ago

very insightful

In this article: AA, BP, GBBEF, GG
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AAPL Apple Inc.
ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
BA The Boeing Company
CNBC Center Bancorp Inc.
FXE Euro Currency Trust
FXY CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust
GE General Electric Company
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
MOO Market Vectors--Agribusiness ETF
MSFT Microsoft Corporation
RGR Sturm Ruger & Company Inc.
UUP PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund
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Bitcoin Made Investing Cool Again
Bitcoin is cool. You can see people's faces light up when you talk about it. It's like Gold.
Milk And Cookies: How Bitcoin Empowered A Generation Of Hopers
People like cookies, and people like milk. And people like muny. Bitcoin taught the wrong lesson in the course of life. There's no quick fix towards getting rich. Now we are suffering the consequences.
Where Trump Is Failing To Fix The Economy With Monetary Policy
Where Trump is failing to fix the economy with monetary policy
Why It’s Nearly Impossible To Trade Currencies With Success
While Currencies spike up and down there's opportunity for BOTS but traders beware - it's risky!
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Options investing is a difficult subject few dare to explore. In this candid interview we explore the innards of a real life options CTA.
The Valuation Of Financial Knowledge
How valuable is software that makes money? Obviously, it’s priceless. How do we value the biggest opaque commodity – knowledge?
Is Trump The Largest FX Trader In The World?
Trump is the largest FX trader in the world, based on how he moves FX markets.
War On Thinking - CIA Controls The Markets, Too
The CIA has always been part of America, Inc. but it may have crossed the line meddling in domestic politics.

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