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Over fifteen years of business development & strategy experience with startups across digital media. Primary focus is working with US and Israeli early stage companies who are in growth mode. Primary focus on building, growing, & maintaining partnerships with objective to increase ... more


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Post Facebook — Where Are Publishers Turning
The days of likes tripling by the hour and an abundance of user data at our fingertips is over. As the dust settles and Facebook’s Algorithm changes are felt by marketers on all sides, it’s time to talk about what’s next.
3 Things Cryptocurrency Needs To Succeed
Before Bitcoin, no one thought that creating a decentralized currency was possible. But ten years later, we are debating whether cryptocurrency will be the money of the future. Here are what the experts say on what it will take for Crypto to succeed.
10 Simple Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Network
I first joined LinkedIn as an early adopter, back when it came out in 2003. Ssince that time, I’ve learned quite a few lessons in how to make the most out of this networking platform. Here are the top ten...
Should Mobile Be Worried About Ad Blocking?
With Apple’s new move to enable ad blocking on iPhones, advertisers and publishers have been bracing for a crisis.
What To Expect From The Year Of Video
Every minute, 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube and the platform is currently the #2 search engine online. As a medium, video has really come into its own, and there’s still a lot of evolution ahead.
Why Israel Is A Hot Spot For Startups
Right now, Israel’s startup scene is absolutely buzzing. Last week was a week that can truly sum up the tech environment in Israel including acquisitions by Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft and Microsoft.
How To Make An Exit: Advice For Entrepreneurs
You’re working tirelessly on your startup,but in the back of your mind is that hopeful thought: Maybe you could sell your company someday. Nine founders share their exit stories and advice to fellow entrepreneurs...
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