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Independent Financial Services Professional
Edward is an independent financial services professional and is a graduate of Drexel University. He lives in the Hawaiian Islands.


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Avalon Holdings Inc. (AWX) - Q1 Earnings Were Good
Avalon Holdings Inc. reported Q1 earnings of $.18 a share vs a loss of ($.21) a share in Q1 of 2020 and I fully expect Q2 earnings comparisons to be even better as COVID-19 related government restrictions are fully lifted.
Avalon Holdings Inc - A Low Float Stock Trading At A Steep Discount To Fair Value
Not many stocks in today's market can be up over 50% YTD and still be considered significantly undervalued. AWX, a microcap that trades on the NYSE, is a low float stock and based on my analysis, is still significantly undervalued.
Autozone Inc.: Overleveraged And Under-Owned By Management
AZO has squeezed bankers and suppliers for the sole purpose of buying back AutoZone shares, causing the stock to rise over 500% over the past 7 years. Management is willing to use other people's money to buy the stock, but not their own.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts