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Brexit: Through The Fog Of War On Public Opinion
If the objective of the EU was to demonstrate just how hard it is to leave the Union under Article 50, it would have surely succeeded.
Staying Focused On The Facts – The Risks Remain In Place
The recent modest relapse and rise in volatility in global equity markets since the beginning of August has highlighted yet again the headwinds of the US/China trade standoff, slowing global economic momentum, and Brexit.
Minimal Capitulation From The FOMC
Yesterday’s FOMC statement and Fed Chair Powell’s press conference may have satisfied those looking for US rate cuts later in 2019. However, we see in both the statement and the press conference an uncharacteristic reluctance to react pre-emptively.
Shifting Trade Politics Should Not Be Ignored
Following the breakdown in US/China trade negotiations earlier this month, US and Chinese actions since then point in our view to a protracted period of tariffs.
ECB: Next ECB President Must Keep Up The Pace Of Change
In only a few weeks, European leaders will have to decide on a new ECB President to replace the incumbent Mario Draghi, whose term expires in October.
A Risk-On Environment Is A Good Time To Take Risk Off
It has been quite a ride to the upside in global markets in 2019 to date.
Stronger Survey Data Quashes Recession Fears For Now
Equity market sentiment has performed a sharp U-turn in recent weeks.
Yield Curve A US Recession Signal? Maybe Not This Time
Recent declines in US government bond yields have led to a flood of articles discussing the likelihood of a US recession over the next 12-18 months.
Brexit: EU Can Do It If You Really Want…
The obstacle in the way of the amended Withdrawal Agreement (“the deal”), a document supported by both the EU and PM May, remains the UK Parliament.
Brexit: PM May’s Deal May Finally Be In Sight
Yesterday the UK Parliament voted to avoid no-deal under any circumstances and at any time.
ECB: Buy The Rumour, Sell The News
Despite the ECB's policy action on March 7, the market reaction was largely negative.
Brexit: The Big Guns Go Silent
Overnight, the UK and EU have agreed on an additional instrument which provides further assurances that the Northern Ireland backstop will be temporary.
ECB: Buy The Rumor, Sell The News
Investors should be careful not to over-analyze the negative short-term market reaction to the ECB’s policy changes, given the swirl of geopolitical news and shifting market sentiment.
Rolls-Royce Holdings; Posted Pre-Tax Profit Loss In 2018 Of £2.9bn
Aero-engine maker Rolls-Royce Holdings plunged to a £2.9bn full-year pre-tax loss in 2018 on revenues up from £14.7bn to £15.7bn. The loss compares with a £3.9bn pre-tax profit in 2017.
Global Earnings: Pace Of Downgrades Slowing
In a welcome development for global equity investors, the pace of 2019 earnings downgrades has eased markedly during the first three weeks of February.
McBride; Post Profit Warning 24 Hours Before Its Results Announcement
It is understandable that McBride wanted the shock of its current year downgrade to dealt with ahead of today’s interim results.
1 to 16 of 38 Posts
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