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Bad Government Spending And Debt Policies Will Eventually Hurt Mortgage Rates
A discussion about the foreign real estate investment, the price reductions for selling your home or real estate, and close out with a check on the mortgage rate implications of the bond market.
Real Estate Taxes Lead To Liquidity Traps
A discussion about the nasty negative feedback loop that rising real estate taxes have on homeowners in a credit crunch event, and the role these taxes play in the regional housing market.
Real Estate And Housing News - Tuesday, Oct. 3
Lack of available inventory, high prices, and rising interest rates spell inevitable housing correction. The debt & credit bubble, financial market bubbles globally, government and central bank all contribute to a housing market correction.
Real Estate And Housing News - Thursday, Aug 24
Let's discuss the FHFA House Price Index, MBA Mortgage Applications, New Home Sales and Existing Home Sales along with some International Real Estate news.
Housing And Real Estate News - Tuesday, July 11
Let's discuss Housing & Real Estate news covering Norway and London all the way back to Mortgage news in the United States.
The Homebuilder Stocks Have Really Underperformed
Given the backdrop of historically low-interest rates and home prices back at the highs, homebuilding stocks have lagged the overall recovery in the housing market since the subprime housing crash.
Housing And Real Estate News
The pool of available borrowers has been shrinking as interest rates rise along with home prices.
Real Estate Prices Relative To Geography In United States
The Real Estate arbitrage should kick in with companies wanting to lower their costs by allowing more commuting and working remotely.
The Gold Market: From The Physical And Electronic Perspectives
We discuss the gold market in this video, from the physical and electronic markets perspective, along with identifying the key market correlations going on right now in financial market asset classes.
Companies Are Hiring And The Fed Is Hiking Right Before The Recession
It is starting to look like employers have bought into the animal spirits and market psychology euphoria and are hiring at precisely the worst possible time as the hard data is signaling an upcoming downturn in the overall economy.
Central Banks Have Completely Destroyed Financial Markets
How Central Banks got their wish of total power dominance in modern finance, and how in the process they destroyed capitalism and financial markets?
No - The Oil Market Is Not Fixed!
We discuss the API Report, and what it means for the Oil Market on Wednesday. We blow through the previous Record High Oil Storage Levels Tomorrow!
You Bought A Lot Of Overpriced Stocks - Now What?
You can buy stocks at all-time highs, but then you are stuck with bad stocks at all-time highs in your portfolio. That usually ends well for investors.
General Market Commentary
We discuss the S&P 500, Gold, VIX, Bonds, US Dollar, Oil and the Currency Markets.
Two Thirds Of Dow 30 Stocks In A Revenue Recession
We go over the Dow 30 industrial stocks' income statements and review their revenue growth or decline over the last 3 years in this video.
Mario Draghi Needs To Raise Interest Rates
We discuss European monetary policy in this video and how Mario Draghi is well behind the inflation curve in Europe. Core inflation in Europe and Germany has never been a reliable inflation reading metric in Europe.
1 to 16 of 375 Posts
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