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Trends In Active, ESG, Thematic ETFs During The First Half Of 2021
Margareta Hricova and Deborah Fuhr discuss the trends in Active, ESG, thematic ETFs during the first half of 2021 based on ETFGI’s research.
The Growing Demand For Active ETFs
Nirujan Kana, Vice President, ETF Strategy at CI Global Asset Management discusses the growing demand for Active ETFs in Canada.
New ActiveBuilder ETFs As Global ETFs Assets Reach US$9.35 Trillion
Bryon Lake Managing Director, Head of Americas ETF Client at J.P. Morgan Asset Management discusses new ActiveBuilder ETFs as global ETFs assets reach US$9.35 trillion.
3 Active Sustainable ETFs On The Toronto Stock Exchange
Duane Green President & CEO at Franklin Templeton Canada discusses listing 3 Canadian active sustainable ETFs.
David Semaya And Junichi Kamitsubo At SMTAM Discuss Listing Their First ETF In Japan
Last week globally there were 33 new listings by 24 issuers on 12 exchanges and 10 new cross-listings 5 closures and 8 delistings.
David Mazza Of Direxion Discusses New Leveraged 5G And Travel And Vacation ETFs
Globally there were 33 new listings from 23 issuers on 15 exchanges and 31 new cross-listings last week.
The Users And Use Of ETFs In South Africa
During the week of May 24th, there were 57 new listings from 27 issuers and 84 new cross-listings.
During the week of May 17th, there were 23 new listings from 17 issuers and 16 new cross-listings.
Matt Hougan: Discussion On Crypto ETFs
During the week of May 10th, there were 26 new listings by 21 issuers on 11 exchanges around the world and there were 18 new cross-listings.
Miranda Seath Of The IA And Howie Li Of LGIM Discuss The Inclusion Of ETFs In The IA Sectors
Last week there were 10 new listings by 9 issuers on 6 exchanges and there were 59 new cross-listings.
Global Healthcare ETFs
Trevor Cummings discusses Global Healthcare ETFs and outlook for the rest of 2021 with Deborah Fuhr.
BlackRock’s New ESG ETF – The Largest ETF Launch
During the week of April 5th, 15 issuers listed 27 new ETFs and ETPs on 10 exchanges around the world and there were 21 new cross-listings.
Converting First US Mutual Funds Into ETFs
There were 61 new listings from 32 issuers listed on 14 exchanges and there were 34 cross-listings during the week of March 29th. 
China And Thematic ETFs
A discussion on disruptive innovation in China, how Global X ETFs defines thematic ETFs and how are investors using these products.
The Bitcoin ETF Listing In Canada
A discussion on the Bitcoin ETF listing in Canada, where demand is coming from, and if a U.S. listing is likely to follow.
Paul Dellaquila Discusses SPACs
Paul Dellaquila joins Dan Barnes and Deborah Fuhr to discuss what SPACs “special purpose acquisition companies” are and the growth in issuance and asset raised and how ETFs can be used to invest in this segment of the market.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts
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