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After a long, enjoyable and successful journey at Wilocity (now Qualcomm), having a great time with my wonderful wife and kids. More on my credentials below: • Proven track of record in multi-million dollars revenue generation and fund raising from strategic partners and corporate ...more

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Innovation Turnaround Strategy
I would like to discuss innovation models and strategies from the company’s perspective, in particular how to trigger innovation turnaround at less-innovative companies.
What’s Common To: AOL, Verizon, Microsoft And Undersea Cables?
Two totally different news items have caught my eyes today: Verizon acquiring AOL, and Microsoft investing in undersea Data Cables projects. So why are these two pieces of news related? Here's why...
Internet Of Things – Challenges And Opportunities
Internet of Things is one of the newest industry trends and any technology company has something to say about it if they want to keep being relevant and on the cutting edge:
If Moses Had GoPro
A disruptive technology being developed by great talents, with no killer application. Is it bad? Should the investors look for other alternatives?
Some Insights About Facebook’s 10-Year Strategy
Facebook’s vision uncovers endless opportunities to innovate, disrupt, create value, and… all of that while two thirds of the world populations are not connected to the internet at all. The game has only just begun.
Owning The Chasms - So Now What?
I've argued that digital service providers, such as FB, AMZN, MSFT and GOOG are striving to own the chasms in order to take control and ensure sustainability in the services they offer. Here I'll outline overall categories related to these chasms.
Owning The Chasms
Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft etc. – Insights about recent industry developments.
1 to 7 of 7 Posts