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Paul was seduced into the market in the late 1970s. His passion for investing led him to change careers in April of 1987 when he joined Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor. Over the next thirteen years, Paul achieved excellent results for himself and his clients at Merrill Lynch, A.G. ... more


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EC Smart Shoppers Like Sales: Ross And Costco
These firms make money because educated consumers know what things are worth and appreciate getting them at marked-down levels.
Why Pay Extra For Underperformance?
Why would a major financial journal tout a mutual fund with a 5.75% front-end load and a 1.85% annual expense ratio?
Don't Be A Berkshire Hathaway Snob
Many long-term holders of Berkshire Hathaway take great pride in the fact they will never sell their shares. Buffett’s favorite holding period is “forever” so why should they feel any differently?
A Smart Sell Decision From A Harvard Man
Knowing a stock’s valuation history is a very powerful tool. During 2007's market euphoria FDS peaked at $74.
Define "Depressed"
Dollar General closed last week at $68.82. That was up from $26.72 three years ago and $42.14 near the beginning of 2013. The stock bottomed at $53 as recently as last summer.
Sometimes They Do Ring A Bell
The S&P Utility Industry Group had a monster 2014. They finished with a flurry. The Dow Jones Utility Index (DJU) rose a whopping 3.56% in the week ended Dec. 26, 2014.
What Would You Do?
Suppose you had the technical ability and raw materials to print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Assume you could spend them as fast as you could create them with no fear of any repercussions.
Ignore Analysts
Package delivery giant United Parcel Service disappointed investors last week when Q4 EPS came in light and 2015 estimates needed to be reduced.
Altria Shareholders – Should Consider Quitting
Altria has never been remotely as expensively valued as it is today.
What Was Barron's Thinking With This Recommendation?
What do you get for losing money in 2014 and averaging 3.83% since inception? A positive feature story in Barron’s.
Priceline – Cheap At Over $1,000 A Share
Online travel agency Priceline has been as reliable a grower as almost any stock out there. The firm’s balance sheet is solid. The stock registers in the top 1% of the 1700 companies Value Line's main research universe, in terms of long-term appreciation.
Intel Beat, Then Fell After Hours; Here’s Why
It took a second half of 2014 surge to get shares of Intel clearly above where they traded at the end of 2007.
Coca-Cola: Hard To Swallow At Today's Valuation
Coke’s average P/E during the years 2008 through 2014 was 18.0x. Its average yield over that same stretch was 2.96%.
Always Question The Assumptions: Why Barron's Is Wrong About Plum Creek Timber
For journalists, it is considered a coup if you can attract a CEO to speak with. Thus it’s a faux pax if you don’t have nice things to say about their company. Perhaps that is why Barron’s was so positive on the shares of REIT Plum Creek Timber.
The Truth About Oil. It's Not What You Think It Is
Headlines proclaiming last year's 46% decline in the price of oil are designed to provoke fear while goosing readership and ratings.
Value-Based Trading On A High Yielder
Recognizing 'fair value' is the key to investing success. In Sonoco Products's case, investors should send its shares packing.
1 to 16 of 162 Posts
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