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Don Swenson has been a self starter and independent thinker from his early days in Minnesota, his adult years in Wisconsin, and now his senior years in Arizona.

Don was born in Roseau, Minnesota in 1943; graduated from high ... more


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‘Outer’ Money Vs. ‘Inner’ Money; Let’s Explore The Difference
Today, we have developed a pure ‘inner’ dollar (with no tie to any ‘outer’ money proxy). Some call our current system a fiat money system and some call it a floating currency system.
Check Out This Bubble
I expect the bubble to start bursting soon after the inauguration.
Dow Index ‘UP’ 8% In Five Weeks!
The biggest surge in this Index in the history of any U.S. presidential election just occurred. So what does this mean going forward?
Politics Vs Reality
How will all these ideas be paid for?
1 to 4 of 4 Posts