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Oil Continues Rising
Early in another week of October, the oil market continues growing steadily and updating its highs. Brent is trading at $85.80 and doesn’t seem to slow down.
Euro Effectively Recovering Amid Publication Of US Stats
Early in the week, the major currency pair is growing; the asset is trading at 1.1585 and may gain even more weight.
Crude Oil In Wait For OPEC+ Decisions
Early in the first full week of October, the oil market has decent expectations while waiting for the next OPEC+ meeting. Brent is trading at $79.00 and will surely very actively respond to all comments, both from the cartel itself and its members.
EUR/USD Remains Neutral
On Monday afternoon, the major currency pair is steadily trading at 1.1720 without any sharp fluctuations: the “greenback” remains strong, while the Euro can’t rise despite a huge risk appetite on the market.
Oil Was Put On Hold
The oil price is falling after rallying before. Early in another September week, Brent is trading at $74.50 and has a lot of room to correct.
Greenback Gains Support Early In The Week
Early in another week of September, EUR/USD is significantly falling and trading at 1.1790.
Crude Oil Falling Early In The Week
The commodity market is falling early in the week. Brent is trading at $71.55 and may obviously go lower.
Euro Looks Confident In The Week Of Summer
After some confident growth last Friday, the major currency pair is looking quite stable early in the final week of summer. EUR/USD is mostly trading at 1.1800.
Crude Oil Correcting Cheerfully
The Brent price is starting another week of August with a growth. The asset is trading at $66.65, the market is trying to compensate for previous losses.
British Pound Slowly Plunging
Early in another August week, the British Pound is slowly falling against the USD. GBP/USD remains under pressure within the mid-term downtrend and is mostly trading at 1.3847.
Crude Oil Falling Too Fast Amid Spread Of COVID In Asia
At the beginning of the new week, Brent oil prices are declining very fast, heading for the lows of July 21st and perhaps even lower.
Euro Still Holds A Strong Position
The major currency pair is stable at the beginning of August, growing slightly. EUR/USD is rising to 1.1870.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts