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We are Lanny & Bert, the Dividend Diplomats. Two guys in their mid-20's in a race to gain more time now before we hit 59.5 years of age for the “normal” retirement age. You can see our goals at the linked page. The Dividend Diplomat journey began in a 1997 Toyota Celica that ...more

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Dividend Income Summary: March 2024 Summary
It's time to dive into my March 2024 dividend income results. Were records set? Am I almost to financial freedom? Let's take a look.
Dividend Stock Watch List: April 2024 Edition
The stock market has continued to edge up, setting new all-time highs for what feels like every other day at this point. Therefore, it may be difficult to find undervalued dividend stocks right now. However, here are a few on my list.
Dividend Stock Purchase Summary - Sunday, Feb. 18
The stock market continues to twist and turn with each new earnings release and inflation report. This can create opportunities for us to buy and add to the positions in our dividend stock portfolios. Here is a closer look at what was added recently.
Dividend Stock Watch List: January 2024 Edition
It may be difficult to find undervalued dividend stocks right now due to the market surging over 25% this year. However, we never back down from finding undervalued dividend growth stocks. Let’s dive into three stocks that are on my watch list.
7 Expected Dividend Increases In July 2023
The second half of 2023 has officially begun. June ended with a bank's worth of gains, at least from a dividend increase perspective. Now, it is time to make sure July delivers, too. Here are 7 expected dividend increases in July.
Vanguard’s High Dividend Yield (VYM) ETFs Q2 Dividend – Growth
This ETF has been around for almost 20 years and boasts a very low 0.06% expense ratio.
4 Expected Dividend Increases In June 2023
Kroger is a dividend growth machine. Last year’s dividend increase was over 20%.
Looking Into The JEPI ETF Hype: What Is This ETF?
There's an ETF that has been the talk of the town lately. I'm not talking about Charles Schwab’s SCHD. This is about the premium income ETF JEPI from JPMorgan Chase. This high yielding ETF has garnered the attention of many investors in recent days.
9 Upcoming Dividend Increases In April 2023
April is going to be a huge month of dividend increases.
Kroger – A Super Grocer And A Super Dividend Growth Stock
This dividend growth stock is making big headlines, by buying a major grocery store chain in the United States, setting themselves up to be a Super Grocery Giant.
3 Dividend Stocks I’m Watching This Week | Investing In A Recession
The stock market is plummeting. Recession is here, everyone. Dividend stocks have never looked better in the last 2 years and your future self will thank you for investing in a recession.
Intel Stock – Too Cheap To Ignore
Intel stock is down 45% this year. The dividend yield has swelled up to 5%. As a dividend investor, looking for iconic dividend stocks, Intel stock may have too low of a stock price to ignore.
5 Dividend Increases Expected In August 2022
We monitor dividend increases like a hawk and are always checking the newswire to see which companies have announced dividend increases. We are expecting 5 dividend increases this month.
AT&T And Verizon Stock Plummet – Overblown Or Avoid The Two Stocks?
Earnings releases came out from both AT&T and Verizon. The release for AT&T was highly anticipated, after the spin-off of WarnerMedia with Discovery. After earnings were released, both stocks plummeted to lows we have not seen in a very long time.
Buying Vanguard’s S&P 500 ETF VOO Every Day Update
It's time to check in on my new investing strategy – buying Vanguard’s S&P 500 ETF each and every single day.
Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s…Which Is The Better Stock To Buy?!
Get ready. Buckle Up for another Dividend Stock Showdown featuring Home Depot and Lowes’.
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