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We are Lanny & Bert, the Dividend Diplomats. Two guys in their mid-20's in a race to gain more time now before we hit 59.5 years of age for the “normal” retirement age. You can see our goals at the linked page. The Dividend Diplomat journey began in a 1997 Toyota Celica that ... more

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5 Dividend Increases Expected In August 2022
We monitor dividend increases like a hawk and are always checking the newswire to see which companies have announced dividend increases. We are expecting 5 dividend increases this month.
AT&T And Verizon Stock Plummet – Overblown Or Avoid The Two Stocks?
Earnings releases came out from both AT&T and Verizon. The release for AT&T was highly anticipated, after the spin-off of WarnerMedia with Discovery. After earnings were released, both stocks plummeted to lows we have not seen in a very long time.
Buying Vanguard’s S&P 500 ETF VOO Every Day Update
It's time to check in on my new investing strategy – buying Vanguard’s S&P 500 ETF each and every single day.
Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s…Which Is The Better Stock To Buy?!
Get ready. Buckle Up for another Dividend Stock Showdown featuring Home Depot and Lowes’.
LyondellBasell Becoming A Dividend Growth Stock?
LyondellBasell is becoming quite the dividend growth stock. In fact, they recently announced a solid dividend increase of 5.3%. And the good news didn’t end there. LyondellBasell also announced a $5.20 special dividend to each shareholder.
The Best 5 Money-Saving Challenges To Build Cash
The money-saving challenge is a creative savings idea to kickstart building funds. The purpose of saving money could be for a downpayment of a house, car payment, credit card debt reduction, or building a nest egg.
Rockwell Automation – Cheap, Dividend Growth Stock
The stock market is tumbling, is it time to buy this cheap, undervalued, dividend growth stock?
Dividend Investing Strategy Added: Buying Vanguard's VOO ETF
As a dividend investor, it’s hard to keep up with all of the investing opportunities that arise. Therefore, I have added a strategy to my investment plan. I have been investing $50 a day into Vanguard’s S&P 500 ETF VOO. Let's check out the results.
8 Dividend Increases Expected In April 2022
Dividend increases are the name of the game. 2022 is shaping up much like 2021. Dividend growth stocks continue to announce strong dividend increases and help us grow our dividend income.
Buy The Dip?! - Fedex Stock Analysis (FDX)
2022 continues to present great buying opportunities. Today’s article will feature one of the two major delivery companies. Look out your window and chances are, you’ll see one of Fedex’s trucks driving by.
Down 25% Plus 40 Years Of Growing Dividends – Buying Air Products & Chemicals Stock?
Boring. Steady. Performing. This all describes the stock we're looking at today. This high dividend growth rate stock is down 25% so far in 2022. This dividend growth stock has also increased their dividend for over 40 years.
Time To Bank On Morgan Stanley Stock?
How about investing in an investment firm with almost $5 trillion in assets under management?!  This could be a stock to buy in this volatile stock market.
A Case For Coca-Cola Stock
Coca-Cola has been around for almost 130 years and this company has weathered all kinds of storms, such as COVID-19, financial crises, and even the Great Depression. It's time to see if Coca-Cola deserves a spot in your dividend investment portfolio.
7 Dividend Increases Expected In January 2022
How many dividend increases are you going to receive this month? How many stocks on this list do you own? Are you ready to crush it in 2022?
5 Dividend Increases Expected In November 2021
We are off to the races in the eleventh month of this year. 2021 has been a fantastic year for dividend investors as companies have been announcing stronger-than-expected dividend increases. Let’s see what's going to happen in November.
AbbVie: Dividend Stock To Buy?!
The quest to find undervalued dividend stocks to buy in this hot stock market continues. The S&P 500 continues to trend higher and set record highs, even though we’ve had a few down days recently.
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