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I write about dividend growth stocks on my website DividendGrowthInvestor.com. I am mostly a buyer of high quality dividend stocks, with solid competitive advantages. My holding period is forever, as long as the dividend is at least maintained. I tend to concentrate my efforts on stocks which ... more


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Index Investors Are Closet Dividend Growth Investors
Every index investor who owns shares in a mutual fund following S&P 500 or the Total US Stock Market is a closet dividend growth investor
Three Dividend Growth Stocks For Further Research
My first two are a little pricey today, but I like their fundamentals and would not hesitate to add at the right price. The third company seems fairly valued today, though that doesn't mean it won't be cheaper a few months from now
Dividend Champions List For 2020
A dividend champion is a company which has a 25 year record of annual dividend increases. Today, I share with you this list.
Three Dividend Growth Companies In The News
Three companies with a decade of annual dividend increases or longer.
Altria Group Joins The Dividend Kings List
Altria increased its quarterly dividend by 5% to 84 cents/share just last week.
This Is Why Warren Buffett Prefers Dividends Over Capital Gains
Warren Buffett loves investing in industries and companies that distribute a lot of excess cashflows.
Three Dividend Stocks Raising The Bar
Three companies that raised dividends last week.
Four Dividend Growth Stocks Increasing Returns To Shareholders
It is important to find a business which can deliver on fundamentals. However, it is also important to find that business at an attractive entry valuation.
Dividend Stock Analysis Of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
Johnson & Johnson managed to grow its dividends by 7.40%/year over the past decade. The company's latest dividend increase was announced in April 2019 when the Board approved a 5.60% increase in the quarterly dividend to 95 cents /share.
Seven Companies Committed To Returning More Profits To Shareholders
Companies that grow dividends tend to have better financial health and produce sustained earnings and revenue growth.
MSC Industrial Direct Dividend Stock Analysis
Over the past decade, the company has managed to grow dividends at an annual rate of 12%/year.
Ten Dividend Growth Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With A Raise
Over the past week, there were several companies which announced dividend increases for their shareholders.
Five Dividend Increases For Further Research
Companies that raised dividends last week.
Dividend Stock Analysis Of Kroger
During the past decade, Kroger has managed to grow dividends at an annualized rate of 11.90%.
Nine Companies That Love To Raise Their Dividends
During the past week, there were nine dividend growth companies, which raised dividends to shareholders.
Three Dividend Achievers Distributing More Cash To Shareholders
A company that doesn’t grow can be a good investment, provided that the price is sufficiently low. A company that grows by leaps and bounds may turn out to be a poor investment if the entry price is prohibitively high.
1 to 16 of 75 Posts
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