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I write about dividend growth stocks on my website DividendGrowthInvestor.com. I am mostly a buyer of high quality dividend stocks, with solid competitive advantages. My holding period is forever, as long as the dividend is at least maintained. I tend to concentrate my efforts on stocks which ... more


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Home Depot Dividend Stock Analysis
Home Depot increased its quarterly dividend by 32% to $1.36/share in February, marking the tenth consecutive year of dividend increases for this newly minted dividend achiever.
Dividend Stock Analysis Of UnitedHealth Group
UnitedHealth Group has managed to increase dividends for 10 years in a row. The company increased its quarterly dividend by 20% last week, to $1.08/share.
Lowe's Dividend Stock Analysis
Lowe’s is one of 26 dividend kings in the US. The company hiked its quarterly dividend by 15% to 55 cents/share just last week.
Investing Is Part Art, Part Science
It doesn’t make sense to have a list of great companies to buy at all times. The conditions to acquire companies vary from one period to the next.
Eleven Dividend Growth Stocks In The News
Companies with increasing earnings per share earn positive scores because they show their past dividend growth was rooted in growth in fundamentals.
3M Dividend Stock Analysis
3M is a dividend king with a 61-year record of annual dividend increases. The company raised its quarterly dividend by 5.90% to $1.44/share in January 2019.
Five Dividend Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With Raises
Last week, there were five dividend growth companies which increased distributions to their shareholders.
Vodafone Cuts Dividends To Shareholders
On Tuesday of this week, British Company Vodafone cut its dividend by 40%.
Ten Dividend Stocks Providing Consistent Raises To Shareholders
Over the past week, there were several companies that increased dividends. Here are the companies in today's review.
Eight Dividend Achievers Showering Owners With More Cash
The select companies have at least a 25-year track record of annual dividend increases.
Dividend Stock Analysis Of FedEx
FedEx is a dividend achiever with a 17-year record of annual dividend increases. The last dividend increase for FedEx occurred in June 2018, when it hiked quarterly dividends by 30% to 65 cents/share.
United Parcel Service Dividend Stock Analysis
Over the past decade, UPS has managed to grow dividends at an annual rate of 7.30%/year. In other words, the company doubled dividends per share, despite the fact that it didn’t grow them every single year over the past decade.
Ten Dividend Geese Laying Golden Eggs For Investors
Companies that raised dividends last week.
Four Dividend Stocks Rewarding Investors With Raises
Growth in earnings per share can provide the fuel behind future dividend increases and increases in intrinsic values.
Walgreens Boots Alliance Dividend Stock Analysis
Walgreens is a dividend champion, with 43 consecutive years of annual dividend increases under its belt.
Three Dividend Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With High Raises
Over the past week, there were three companies which raised dividends to shareholders. Each company has a minimum ten-year streak of annual dividend increases under its belt.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts
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