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Professional energy trader since 2011. Trading with various investment banks, for his own portfolio and the ones of private clients. Contributing weekly analysis to major portals for the past three years. Quoted for different news media. His hedge fund Hebe will be online shortly in 2021.


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Natural Gas Anticipating Exhaustion
Natural Gas weekly analysis.
Natural Gas: Another Selling Opportunity
Production is comfortably keeping pace with demand while online Natural Gas rigs are 2% fewer year-over-year at 94. Resistance At $2.70 offers a selling opportunity.
Natural Gas Identifying A Seasonal Floor
The market cannot find any positive momentum whatsoever while on a natural seasonal exhaustion. The post-winter downtrend is set to continue.
Natural Gas The New Injection Season Begins
Natural Gas weekly analysis - Demand for U.S. Natural Gas is currently 3.6% lower than a year ago, but it is looking way better than it looked in the beginning of the withdrawal season.
Natural Gas In Need Of Fresh Buying Volumes
Natural Gas weekly analysis. Daily MACD is looking ready to cross bullish, so we might have to hold selling operations for another few weeks.
Natural Gas Near Old Support
Natural Gas weekly analysis: Only a few weeks before the new refill season begins, invenstory is 5% below the 5-year average.
Natural Gas Looking At New Resistance
This week's analysis of Natural Gas markets - another negative week.
Natural Gas In Temporary Oversold Territory
Natural Gas weekly analysis: The post-winter downtrend is set to continue.
Natural Gas In Need Of Buying Volumes
Natural Gas weekly analysis - U.S. shale oil producers are looking very well supported lately even by accident. Natural Gas demand has peaked while more rigs keep coming online.
Natural Gas Futures Well Settled Despite The Blizzards
Natural Gas weekly analysis.
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