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Detlev Schlichter is an independent economist, market commentator and investment strategist.

Detlev had a 19-year career in international financial markets as a trader and portfolio manager, including stints at J. P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and Western Asset Management.

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EC As Germany Loses Battle For ECB, QE Goes Global
With German influence on the ECB waning, trashing your currency becomes official strategy more easily, and this is already official policy in Japan and in the US.
Our Obsession With Monetary Stimulus Will End In Disaster
It is now six years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and considering that the US economy has officially been in recovery for the past five years, that equity indexes have put in new all-time highs, and that credit markets are once again ebullient to the point of carelessness...
QE Will Come To The Eurozone – And, Like Elsewhere, It Will Be A Failure
The data was not really surprising and neither was the response from the commentariat. After a run of weak reports from Germany over recent months, last week’s release of GDP data for the eurozone confirmed that the economy had been flatlining in the second quarter.
Bitcoin Has Theory And History On Its Side
Bitcoin as a monetary concept is potentially a work of genius, and even if Bitcoin were to fail in its present incarnation – a scenario that I cannot exclude but that I consider exceedingly unlikely – the concept itself is too powerful to be ignored or even suppressed in the long run.
These Fake Rallies Will End In Tears
Investors and speculators face some profound challenges today, such as how to deal with politicized markets that are continuously “guided” by central bankers and regulators.
ECB Decision: Unnecessary, Ineffective But Further Entrenching Bad Habits
After months of whining and whining by the international commentariat, and of relentlessly redefining what any sensible person would call “price stability” as a grave economic problem, the ECB has caved in, as expected, and yesterday announced further stimulus measures.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts