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EC HH Oil And Gas Markets: Why The Uncertainty May Linger
Oil and gas prices may be rebounding from steep declines occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the impact of that pandemic could lead to enduring uncertainty in the market
E Shale Oil Revolution: The Challenges Ahead
Production from North American tight oil formations soared over the past decade and brought significant changes to the global oil market; but it is now facing formidable headwinds.
EC Crude Oil Prices And Current Market Dynamics
Crude oil prices have risen by more than 150% since Nov. 2016, reaching near four-year highs over the past few days. Even Saudi Arabia and Russia have been talking up a rollover of the production cuts.
Why The Uncertainty Over Crude Oil Prices Will Endure?
24 oil-producing countries, members as well as non-members of the OPEC, met Thursday, 25 May, and voted to extend their production reduction accord by 9 months. The extension aims to rebalance the global oil market and stabilize oil prices.
Rebalancing The Oil Market: Issues To Watch
The ruinous tussle for market share between tight oil producers in North America and OPEC, saw crude oil prices slump by more than 70% from the second quarter of 2014 to twelve-year lows in the first quarter of 2016. Prices have rebounded somewhat.
The Internecine Duel For Oil Market Share
In 2014 OPEC adopted a laissez faire output policy which essentially removed caps on members’ supply quotas. It was a thinly-veiled attempt to drive the higher-cost (North American tight oil) producers offline and take share of the global market.
Global Crude Oil Rebalancing And The Producers’ Accord
Crude oil prices plummeted from more than US$110 per barrel in the second quarter of 2014 to just above US$26 per barrel in the first quarter of 2016.
Crude Oil Prices And An Uncertain Rebalancing
The rise in crude oil prices from twelve-year lows seen in the first quarter of the year led many analysts to project a complete oil market rebalancing between 4Q 2016 and 3Q 2017.
Why Some Investors Are Betting On An Oil Price Shock
The global crude oil glut, driven principally by the dueling spigots of U.S. tight oil producers and OPEC's has diminished somewhat. But in the US, which consumes more crude oil than any other country, stockpiles remain above the five-year range.
EC A Window On The Global Oil Market
About 70% of all crude oil development projects to be delivered over the next decade would be commercially viable at a Brent price of US$60/bbl, with most of them coming from U.S. tight oil plays. The balance of supply would come at US$85/bbl.
Global Crude Oil Prices And A Delicate Re-balancing Act
Global crude oil prices have risen by more than 75% from near twelve-year lows reached in January. The recent spike was driven largely by unscheduled supply outages in major oil-producing centers including Canada, Ghana and Nigeria.
A Brief On The Recent Oil Price Spike
The recent oil spike from the multi-year lows reached early this year to just under US$50 per barrel, only added fillip to investment sentiments.
The Doha Oil Conference: A Bridge Too Far
There was an inherent futility in that Doha conference. The major oil producers were already producing at near-peak capacities, so freezing output at such levels would have done little to curb the massive supply overhang.
Crude Oil Prices: Why A Sustained Rebound May Still Be Further Ahead
Global crude oil prices have recovered somewhat ― even if tenuously ― from the lows of just a few weeks ago, but they are still only about 30% of their values for the same period two years ago.
Crude Oil Prices And The Lingering Uncertainty
Crude oil will over the next few years, remain a significant, even if declining proportion of global energy utilization; and given its boom-bust cycles, prices will rebound. However, the timing and extent of that rebound remains to be seen.
A Window On Crude Oil Prices
Driven by a massive and lingering imbalance ― excess of supply over demand ― global crude oil prices have fallen by more than 60% since mid-2014 to multi-year lows, and the impact has been significant.
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