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Dean Baker co-founded CEPR in 1999. His areas of research include housing and macroeconomics, intellectual property, Social Security, Medicare and European labor markets. He is the author of several books, including "Getting Back to Full Employment: A ... more


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Trump Veto Student Loan Debt Relief Measure Will Save Government 0.02 Percent Of Projected Spending
On Friday Donald Trump vetoed a resolution passed by Congress, which would have left in place rules making it easier for students to default on debt owed to for-profit colleges that had engaged in deceptive marketing practices.
Japan's Government Will Soon Make A Profit On Its Huge Debt
While Japan's debt to GDP ratio is close to 250 percent, the highest for any wealthy country, it didn't point out that the debt service burden is virtually zero.
Brazil, The Amazon, And Global Warming: It Ain't Quite What The Media Tell You
While the policies of Brazil's right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, are disastrous, there is an important part of the story that is being left out of most discussions.
The U.S. Economy Is NOT The World's Largest
Reality often has little place in our political debates.
The Fed Is Not A Church: The NYT Is Unhappy About President Trump Commenting On Fed Policy
The Fed is protected from the whims of the president and other political figures. However there is nothing inappropriate about the president or any other elected official commenting on Fed policy,
WaPo Columnist Discovers That Blue States Have Higher Income Taxes
The current deduction means that the federal government effectively subsidizes 40 cents of every dollar that high income people in blue states pay in state income taxes. This makes it easier for them to raise taxes.
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