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Vomund Investment Management, a fee-only Investment Advisor, was founded in 1998 by David Vomund. David has 30-years of investment and portfolio management experience. He was rated the top market timer by Timer Digest for the three-year period 2011-13. He was the featured interview ... more

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ETFs For Today
Those who choose to sit on the sideline will have a guaranteed after-inflation loss. Instead, investors should consider some of these ETFs.
It’s (Usually) The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
The days around Christmas and New Year’s Day have historically been some of the market’s best.
Market Review - Better Days Ahead
After a brief round of selling in September, the "buy the dip" crowd stemmed the selling and provide the fuel for a rebound.
On The Fed And Interest Rates
The Fed is setting the stage to start tapering, i.e. reducing its bond-buying and ultimately ending the program. 
Stimulus Leads To A Booming Economy
The economy is ripping along with first quarter GDP growing 6.4 percent and will be closer to 10 percent in the second. Here is a key question: Should interest rates remain so low in a booming economy?
Looking Back
A year ago the market plunged 34 percent in just 23 trading days as one-third of investors hit the panic button and sold. While some had second thoughts and repurchased stocks, others didn’t. Emotions ran high.
Still Looking Up
We are in a bang-up year for GDP and corporate earnings growth. Investors must agree.
A Few Thoughts
The bull market rolls along setting records almost every week. A combination of trillions in federal spending and aggressive monetary policy from the Fed is powering stocks ever higher. But there are growing concerns.
Expect S&P 500 Volatility
Throughout the year stocks are added and removed from the S&P 500 index with little fanfare. Last December was an exception when Tesla was added to the index. What did this mean for the index? More volatility.
The Roaring '20s
The yield on the ten-year Treasury is 1.1 percent, more than double its 2020 low, but not tempting. Income investors and savers have suffered for years due to low rates. That is about to change.
Fourth Quarter Review, Preview
What is the market's message and what is its greatest risk? We are optimistic about getting to the other side of the Covid-19 chasm, but there are likely to remain some broken planks on the bridge to get there.
Be An Optimist
Investors see things differently. They look ahead instead of seeing the present.
A "Taxing" Problem
If you hold mutual funds in a taxable account then you are aware that many give capital gains distributions in December. That’s why it’s a bad idea to buy mutual funds in early December.
Giving Thanks
Here are some good news stories on this Thanksgiving holiday.
On The Other Hand
When it comes to the economy there are usually two sides to every issue and sometimes things are not quite black and white. Some are grey. The economic recovery is a good example.
Record Rally Vs. Real Economy
The unfortunate legacy of Covid-19 will be that the difference between the haves and the have nots will widen.
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