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Small Business Carrying Its Weight
According to the November release of the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index, small businesses have a favorable view on economic growth. The index rose 2.3 points in November to 104.7, the largest monthly increase since May 2018.
Investor Cash Balances Elevated Or Maybe Not So Much
The recent exodus from equities and move into cash could be a tailwind for equities. But a portion is likely to remain in areas viewed as safe havens, creating a good setup for the equity market to climb the proverbial 'Wall of Worry.'
Gold Losing Its Luster
There are recent diverging trends in the price of Gold and Copper. This divergence began to develop in September with Gold prices declining while Copper prices have been on the rise.
Conflicting Reports On Manufacturing PMI's
One potential consequence of an economy that is growing at a slow pace is the higher likelihood that reported economic data has a tendency to conflict with some of the other economic reports.
Investing At All-Time Highs In The Equity Market
One difficulty for investors in the U.S. market at the moment is the fact it seems to be hitting new highs on what seems like a daily basis.
Business Cycle Data And Investor Sentiment Supportive Of Higher Equity Prices
One factor impacting investor sentiment at the moment may be the fact the equity market has generated strong returns to date in 2019. The impact on individual investor sentiment has been one of caution.
The Business Segment Of The Economy Is Improving Too
Yesterday's jobless claims of 213,000 beat the consensus of 218,000 and beat the low end of the range of expectations which equaled 215,000.
Accelerating New Home Sales
With a housing market that looks pretty favorable and a financially strong consumer, the consumer and housing parts of the economy appear not to be a concern at this point in time.
A Healthy Consumer Leading To Favorable Housing Market
Late last week the National Association of Realtors reported existing home sales of 5.46 million units at an annual rate. This number was slightly below estimates, however, it was higher than the previous month.
A Healthy Consumer A Positive For The Economy
The consumer is an important part of the economy as the consumer segment accounts for nearly 70% of GDP.
This May Be The Time For Value Investors
As 2019 seems to be coming to an end quickly, value is outperforming growth again and this might be sustainable into 2020.
Improving Individual Investor Sentiment
Bullish investor sentiment improved 6.3 percentage points to 40.3% from the prior week's reported level as noted by AAII.
Dividend Payers A Winning Strategy In A Volatile Equity Market
Now that the S&P 500 Index seems to be making a habit of reaching new highs on a more frequent basis, the journey has been anything but a smooth one.
Strength In Employment Not Indicative Of Near Term Recession
Today's employment report certainly suggests the current economic environment is not likely to dip into a recession anytime soon.
Elevated Asset Level In Money Market Funds
Money market assets began to trend higher during the volatile market environment in 2018 and the money market inflow has picked up the pace in 2019 with assets now totaling $3.49 trillion.
Investor Pessimism Is Generally Bullish For Stocks
As recent weeks pass it seems the investor sentiment measures are increasingly indicating an investor that is becoming more bearish even as the market continues to trend higher this year.
1 to 16 of 371 Posts
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