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Dr. David Kass has published articles in corporate finance, industrial organization, and health economics. His teaching interests include financial restructuring and strategy, and investment management at the MBA level, as well as advanced financial management, business finance, and investments ... more


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6 Largest Stocks By Market Capitalization
The stocks with the largest market capitalization as of April 17, 2020 are...
Warren Buffett’s Bet On Airlines
I am quoted in The Dallas Morning News: “Warren Buffett bet big on the big four airlines — and so far it is paying off”
Berkshire Hathaway Is Trading At Price To Book Value Ratio Of 1.33
At Berkshire Hathaway’s closing price on Friday, November 1 of $323,400, and its book value of $243,484 at the end of the third quarter, its price to book value ratio = 1.33, which is 16% below its 30 year average of 1.58.
Lunch With Warren Buffett Costs $4,567,888
The 2019 winning charity bid on eBay for lunch with Warren Buffett was $4,567,888.
Major Portfolio Changes For Berkshire Hathaway In First Quarter 2019
After the market closed today, Berkshire Hathaway filed its SEC Form 13F revealing its stock portfolio as of March 31, 2019. There were several major changes (by at least $500 million):
The Uber IPO
The stock will be trading the next day, the next week, the next month, what’s the urgency of buying today?
Berkshire Hathaway Lends $2 Billion To Seritage Growth Properties
I am quoted in this Bloomberg article: “Berkshire Loans $2 Billion to Real Estate Firm Backed by Buffett.”
Some Berkshire Shareholders Stiffed An Omaha Waitress. So Warren Buffett Sent Her A Check
Despite their waitress’ best efforts to serve a full house of customers, some patrons celebrating the Berkshire shareholders meeting left no tip. Warren Buffett made it right.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts