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America’s 1% Hasn’t Had This Much Wealth Since The Roaring Twenties
1 year ago

The author wrote: "As I’ve explained countless times (but nobody seems to listen)..."

Nobody's listening because Americans envy the wealthy. There is no other explanation of why the middle and working classes have been voting for tax cuts for the wealthy since the 1980s, despite the rich getting richer while the prospects of the middle/working classes have remained flat for close to 40 years.

Envy of the billionaire class leads to an ever-widening wealth gap and corresponding asset bubbles as much as anything.

Jesse, thanks for an excellent and timely piece.

Eight Principles Of Profitable Self-Directed Investing
1 year ago

Thank you, Susan. I am happy that you found the post helpful. This piece originally published on the MSVI blog (see my profile), but I do plan on submitting new material to TalkMarkets from my Finding Value series, in 2019. Happy New Year.

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